Any assortative mating -> Multicult

Here’s a throwaway thought: most of the multiculti troubles are due to the university stratification process described by Murray and Herrnstein. This is because smart people from different cultures tend to have more in common with each other than with their home cultures, and because they are thereafter insulated from the effects of the policies they invent. So, it seems natural to them that people from different races can mix, because this is their experience from mixing effortlessly with smart people from other races, but this impression leads to an overgeneralization that is never corrected because they don’t have to live in the impoverished/low-IQ mixed areas.

The same will likely prove to be the case for ensuing generations of transnationalists, which is a multicultural bubble society made up of smarties who’ve boiled off from their host populations. Asperger’s will also tend to be rife in this group, and in combination with insulated multiculti we’re going to see a lot of academic nonsense coming from these folks.

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4 Responses to Any assortative mating -> Multicult

  1. Heaviside says:

    It’s the cognitive partitioning that’s characteristic of the Jewish people. All of the smart jews were sent west, just like now all smart people are sent from their hometowns to “creative class” cities.

    Progressivism is just jewishness for hwhyte people.

    I tried to post this video on Koanic’s blog but it got stuck in moderation:

    Face it, Americans are the new jews. Americanization is judaification.

    At this point, when it comes to the possibility of a revolution in America, I’m a Posadist.

    Just think of how much better America will be without the Americans!

    • Heaviside says:

      If you want to know where internet antisemites come from, you just have to understand one simple fact; “The jews did it” is something someone with even an IQ of 80 can comprehend, and it’s more revealing than any other statement at that level of simplicity. It’s a mass-market political soundbite that’s true.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        That makes perfect sense. It’s an highly predictive model for near-retarded whites who don’t get better answers from their cognitive superiors. The hypothetical 80-IQ white asks “why did my job go away?” and the 115-IQ white says “it’s because you’re lazy, git a jorb”. The 80-IQ white thinks “wait though, I’m not lazy, at least not since I had kids and stopped smoking weed”. When he hears the Jew thing, this makes more sense to him.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Progressivism is just jewishness for hwhyte people.

      Maybe that’s why we’re getting racially cleansed.

      >Face it, Americans are the new jews.

      I’m putting my money on the transnational folks.

      >I tried to post this video on Koanic’s blog but it got stuck in moderation:

      Pretty good, explains some stuff, raises good questions (why mate Talmud scholars with financiers’ daughters?). I’ll probably read that book.

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