Means, and proof of motive

So if you lived in that subdivision, paid for that pool, and wanted to use it, you couldn’t because outsiders had decided to just show up and use it themselves, brawling and drinking in the process. When the first officer to arrive was confronted by the group, and began trying to physically remove the trespassers, they rushed him and he had to pull his gun. Now for that, he has been publicly castigated and forced to resign, with even his Police Chief saying he was the one out of control.

But this dystopian story gets worse. A principle in Miami made the mistake of voicing support for the officer. He was fired for it.

The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.

We live in a world where the wicked are becoming increasingly brazen. Good men are doing nothing because their bellies are full, and their needs are met. As a result, the evil can push forward, and there is no pushback. When that satiety is withdrawn, one facet of the chaos will be that the good will begin to act. I would not want to be one of the wicked then.

Anonymous Conservative
Texas Pool Party Melee

Therefore, the thing to watch is the unemployment demographics. Presumably there is a plan in place for rounding up unemployed white males- maybe some kind of unemployment registration number followed by mandatory counseling which is really just a prescription for Prozac.

I was just thinking today, the cheap labor argument makes sense when you’re talking Mexicans and Indians, but then why are all the Somalians here?

A person could argue that it’s misplaced charity from Americans, but it falls apart on inspection. It’s not churches, nonprofits, and bake sale-organizing WASPy libtards bringing hundreds of thousands of Somalians over. It’s a huge federal government initiative funded with millions and millions of tax dollars. Even the most cursory glance at this program will tell you that this has nothing to do with charity. It’s a top-down imposition from beginning to end.

Back to the point about rounding up unemployed while males. This is just one means of genocide out of many. The only reason it’s necessary is that it forces the hand of white Americans- when you can’t keep your house and your wife leaves because you’ve been branded an unemployable racist (like the Miami principle or the cop in the story above), you literally have no choice anymore except to fight. Somebody up top is anticipating that resistance.

To prove that it’s purposeful genocide and not just a big Hanlon’s Razor-inspired Three Stooges skit: no American wants all these Somalians here. Not even the libtards. They aren’t cheap labor because they don’t get jobs and they don’t sign up for government healthcare. Even a Huffington Post writer has some idea, in the back of her pathologically misfiring monkey midbrain, that the country of Somalia is a nightmare out of which nothing good ever stumbled.

You will never meet a Somalian who is not insane, because nothing sane could have survived to reproduce in Somalia. To call them sun-baked is a compliment suggesting there is something to bake. They are all manic psychotics, every one of them, preserving only the barest hint of animal cunning that survived their Islamic upbringing.

To say that I’m racist for this would be like saying I’m anti-rattlesnake simply because I don’t want a bunch of rattlesnakes living in my house. And I’d rather live in a house with a bunch of rattlesnakes than a bunch of Somalians because rattlesnakes will generally leave you alone if you leave them alone. And if a rattlesnake raped and killed my family inside my home, I could reasonably expect to press charges without getting crucified for it.

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8 Responses to Means, and proof of motive

  1. Heaviside says:

    I have read a couple articles complaining about how Japan is “low tech,” i.e. doesn’t have as much flashy consumer gizmos as the States. The most telling complaint is the fact that it’s much more difficult to use credit cards and ATM machines in Japan. They don’t realize that the Ministry of Finance tries to prevent consumers from buying things on credit to increase the savings rate. That, and people care more about privacy in Japan, so the transition to a cashless society will likely not make much headway.

    >Therefore, the thing to watch is the unemployment demographics. Presumably there is a plan in place for rounding up unemployed white males- maybe some kind of unemployment registration number followed by mandatory counseling which is really just a prescription for Prozac.

    Thus, when people complain about the lack of IT and software innovation in Japan, and the maintenance of the paper-based office, my suspicion is that this is a deliberate policy to prevent technological unemployment, especially of old people who have difficulty learning how to use computers. Would the U.S. government ever do anything like that?

    Japan stronk.

  2. Russell says:

    When things break, they won’t in the way the puppet masters expect, nor in the direction predicted.

    For people so ready to embrace chaos, they sure don’t seem to have a solid understanding of it.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Well, this is what happens when your brain is so heavily compartmentalized. You can have an intellectual part of you that thinks one thing, an ideological part that thinks another thing, and a practical part that decides what to do most of the time in the small things.

      A lot of people are out there parroting nihilism advocacy because that’s what they’ve been taught, either as an intellectual foundation or as an ideology, and yet they have no real understanding of it.

  3. This could be related to seemingly inexplicable outbursts like the events in Charleston.

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