Disney layoffs explained

Turns out to be even simpler than the usual story with the usual suspects, i.e. people up top sacrificing the company’s future for short-term profits and a golden parachute. That’s how it looks at first, but I’ve got another piece of the puzzle for ya below.

I don’t believe they deserved to have their loyalty and sacrifice rewarded this way, in the declining years of their life for some. All of this during record company profits. Most of them will not say anything because every area business (contractors, recruiters, lawyers) has a relationship with Disney, or they hope to return there one day despite all this. I had hoped to contract there myself, but they changed the policy. My exit status is officially “retiree”, but that was not planned and was 7 years before we were financially ready. We were in the middle of dealing with medical challenges when this happened. Even greater savings and better ethics could have been made by cutting the salaries or medical coverage of executives. [Note I’m being sarcastic]

It would not surprise me if this is simply their new CIO (Tilak Mandadi) committed to reducing costs by xx% in order to comply with a hiring contract or receive a bonus.

Tilak, eh? Hmm…

I have no knowledge this is true or not, but it does occur in executive hiring. He had no prior hospitality experience, and the financial sector is not known for being innovative in technology or valuing employees [I’ve worked in it]. A company would not normally risk their brand by taking key internal infrastructure services directly related to revenue, terminate the people responsible for them, and turn them over to foreigners unless cost was a priority over stability and staff. That’s not the company I joined.

Keith Barrett
My Position On The Disney Layoffs

This reminds me of something else I read recently by Robert Lindsay.


I used to think this site was over the top until I started doing some research.

But the worst part of all was when I started meeting and actually befriending Indians in India. Although in some ways, these men were really nice guys and good friends, I would have to say that they all had a bad side. And that bad side was that, in some ways, they were lousy people.

Ditto that impression, as opposed to most major immigrant groups who are pretty easy to get along with. Indians in India will literally squat and shit on the ground in public places, which is the sort of metaphor that would be considered unbelievably lazy and crass in a satirical novel for extreme racists.

They were all committed to the project of replacing American workers with Indians.

One man had a friend who was running a country in the US. They had an office in Chicago with only a few staff. All staff were Indians. All other staff were outside of the US in India. This company may have had 100’s of employees and they did not hire one single American. Because this is the Indian way. Indians want to come to the US, open up businesses and hire only their own kind. They will never hire one American. I told a relative about that and he shook his head. “They’re traitors,” he said. “Why do we even let these parasites into our country?” Then he thought a bit. “You know,” he said. “These are exactly the kind of immigrants we don’t need.”

Robert Lindsay
India: A Threat to America

Immigration may be dyscivic in general, but I can at least understand and empathize with the motive most of the time. This is a much uglier phenomenon than it even appears to be at first glance.

It gets worse, so you might as well read it over there. And there’s more where that came from.

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8 Responses to Disney layoffs explained

  1. Heaviside says:

    Oh yeah, it seems that the hotel industry in the Southwest is being taken over by our dusky aryan brethren.

  2. Mycroft Jones says:

    So basically, they hired an Indian dude to the executive suite, and he immediately fires a bunch of white people so he can hire Indians in their place? Yeah, that fits.

  3. Mycroft Jones says:

    Talk about Omega males… Indians are the ultimate. Blacks are Alpha, and Chinese at least are Gamma.

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