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M-back intelligence is specialized for seeking optimal strategies in game-like activities

Whoa, a post! Do we still do those around here? Melon-backs have the highest general intelligence, as in g. They can be expected to perform better than other types at whatever task they set their minds to, with two notable … Continue reading

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Music Monday – metal covers of pop songs

Or Tuesday, fuck you. Here’s a good playlist. As a rule of thumb, metal musicians write awesome music and sucky vocals, and vice versa re: pop artists. So this is a good middle ground to shoot for.

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Aeoli Pera is experiencing technical difficulties

The author, not the blog. Please stand by.

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On puzzles

The thal cognitive style is best described as a massive, interdependent system of hypotheticals. It is nonverbal and not strictly logical, because every sense impression and memory is assigned a probability when it is stored. It’s the summation of these … Continue reading

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Thal life trajectory; T-back intelligence is specialized for puzzle-like activities

Caution! The organization of this post is stupid and I’m not fixing it. Specifically the kind with a bunch of pieces you put together. Please don’t mistake this for saying that thal-backs tend to be puzzle enthusiasts- they eventually tend … Continue reading

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Approximate descriptors for front and back

Key for use: the adjective (front) modifies the noun (back). The noun describes what a person is, and the adjective describes their personality style. For instance, T-front = “ingenopathic”, T-back = “altruist”, therefore a TT may be described as an … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

This kinda dumb bullhonky shitpost is all I’ve got in me today. Fuck I’m a mess sometimes. Fortunately, there are other people on the internet picking up the slack. We all have different methods of measuring people. I have a … Continue reading

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