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M-back intelligence is specialized for seeking optimal strategies in game-like activities

Whoa, a post! Do we still do those around here? Melon-backs have the highest general intelligence, as in g. They can be expected to perform better than other types at whatever task they set their minds to, with two notable … Continue reading

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Music Monday – metal covers of pop songs

Or Tuesday, fuck you. Here’s a good playlist. As a rule of thumb, metal musicians write awesome music and sucky vocals, and vice versa re: pop artists. So this is a good middle ground to shoot for.

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Aeoli Pera is experiencing technical difficulties

The author, not the blog. Please stand by.

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On puzzles

The thal cognitive style is best described as a massive, interdependent system of hypotheticals. It is nonverbal and not strictly logical, because every sense impression and memory is assigned a probability when it is stored. It’s the summation of these … Continue reading

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Thal life trajectory; T-back intelligence is specialized for puzzle-like activities

Caution! The organization of this post is stupid and I’m not fixing it. Specifically the kind with a bunch of pieces you put together. Please don’t mistake this for saying that thal-backs tend to be puzzle enthusiasts- they eventually tend … Continue reading

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Approximate descriptors for front and back

Key for use: the adjective (front) modifies the noun (back). The noun describes what a person is, and the adjective describes their personality style. For instance, T-front = “ingenopathic”, T-back = “altruist”, therefore a TT may be described as an … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

This kinda dumb bullhonky shitpost is all I’ve got in me today. Fuck I’m a mess sometimes. Fortunately, there are other people on the internet picking up the slack. We all have different methods of measuring people. I have a … Continue reading

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Music Monday: Karen Grigoryan

Yeah, I’m maybe doing this shit again. I remember mentioning this kid a long time ago. He has a YouTube channel with a lot of ambient djent, apparently inspired heavily by traditional West Asian music. Here’s a playlist of his … Continue reading

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Tex is right about everything, entry #551033

We’re talking about drones here, but we could be talking about nukes or germs or whatever. This is just what people do with anything new. I’m not saying it’s good or bad, I’m just describing the reality. A video posted … Continue reading

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“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” explained

This statement never made any sense to me until now. During a time in your life that is physically very difficult- when you’re working hard and sleeping less and eating poorly or not at all- it is more important to … Continue reading

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