This was a VP comment, but I ran afoul of the troll feeding rules. Still, I thought it was pretty good, and worth saving from oblivion. When capitalized, “Obvious” refers to a VP troll who goes by that name, among others.

I’d like to talk a bit more about Obvious. This is a skill for which I’ve acquired a knack.

See, trolls are fundamentally unlike narcissists in that their basic traits develop from sadism, rather than borderline or full-blown NPD. If SJWs are the Clueless, then trolls are the Losers. SJWs may practice sadism, but it is for different underlying psychological reasons.

Unlike SJWs, a proper sadist does not like attention very much. This is partly from projection, and partly due to the psychology that produced the behavior in the first place. They especially don’t like being on the wrong end of an asymmetric power dynamic (hence the “punching up/down” dialogue), and knowledge is power. Again, projection mixed with utility. Therefore, they become very uncomfortable when personal details are revealed- name, address, etc.- though they enjoy doxxing others.

Let us proceed to say what we can say for certain about this troll in particular:

-He is male. You might say this is Obvious.
-He consistently posts early in the threads.
-He reads comment threads thoroughly when he participates. Maybe all of them. Absent signs of exceptional intelligence this indicates a significant time investment for whatever jollies he’s getting.
-His ploys are brief and uncomplicated, indicating little respect for trolling as an art form. It is probably compulsive.
-His posts are spelled correctly and his reading comprehension is fine.
When he mischaracterizes what he’s read he’s doing this on purpose. Therefore, his intelligence is likely in the 130 ballpark where he is rightfully ashamed of his poor life outcomes.

Now we have an idea or two about what he is and where to rub salt when he gets too excitable.


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One Response to Trolls

  1. Aeoli Pera says:

    Maybe, but unlikely. All we can say for sure is that he is reading everything.

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