Some working vocab

A lot of these are time rates because I’m trying to work up to definitions of intelligence and genius that can be reasonably measured. So I’m not really giving enough credit (yet) to problem factors like “difficulty”, “lateral thinking”, etc.

Sense impression: an easily digestible way of saying “noumena”.

Apperception: Time rate of sense impressions processed into memories.

Attention: Time rate of sense impressions processed by the brain divided by time rate of sense impressions sent to the brain.

Primary memory: a sense impression stored as a big chunk, without any distinction between the various component parts like emotions, smells, sights, or patterns.

Impressionability: Time rate of sense impressions processed into primary memories.

Types: Generalized similarities between primary memories. These types are what allow us to make sense of novel situations quickly and efficiently by analogy to previous situations. (They are also the working datatype used by the intuition function.)

Secondary memory: Information-compressed memory of a sense impression into reference symbols. To “remember” a secondary memory, the symbols are replaced by types.

Discernment: Time rate of type creation from drawing similarities from many different memories.

Exogenous cognitive function: A function that requires attention to external noumena.

Endogenous cognitive function: A function that requires attention to internal phenomena-as-noumena.

Focus: High attention. Like attention, focus can be exogenous or endogenous.

Creativity (?): Time rate of translation from discernment to a communicable format. This may only be internal (at this point).

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13 Responses to Some working vocab

  1. Nottuh says:

    How would you characterize Eidetic memory with respect to your compiled list of terms above? I recall you and Heaviside briefly agreeing that Eidetic memory was not really the same as other types of memory in another post of yours. Would Eidetic memory be classifiable as a primary memory that is so accurate that it can be viewed by its beholder to extract new information from at a later point in time?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Yes, that hits all the essential points. The eidetic memory has to be both stored as a primary and later retrieved properly (which is apparently something you can get better at). You might experience something like this in response to a particular smell.

      Anytime a person creates one of these memories, it’s like they’re paying attention to the most important thing that’s ever happened to them, so Kim Peek is doubly strange in that he seems to be like this all the time. At the same time, you have to be able to switch to an endogenous mode to retrieve the memory and replay it vividly in your mind.

      • Nottuh says:

        Have you had any success at developing better eidetic memory? I’ve been thinking about trying to improve my mental faculties to whatever degree is possible (it may be completely impossible), and I would like to try and gain more of an eidetic memory, as I’d like to be able to think in photorealistic pictures and replay them at will.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          My only *general* success in this has been from improving my general health and well-being. It seems to be related to impressionability and dopamine saturation, and because I’m a depressed introvert I tend to have a better memory when I’m happier and more outward-focused. But trying to be those things makes me depressed and neurotic, so I actually have to focus on being more introverted to be happier, and therefore remember more details. Everything is weird and stupid.

          Being thal, I only seem to develop mental traits insofar as they allow me to achieve whatever I’ve fixated on for the moment. So if I’m suddenly all about cars, instead of edenopschyowhackjobbery, I’d probably develop excellent visuospatial manipulation skills from obsessive practice.

  2. Nottuh says:

    Thanks for the reply, Aeoli. I’m a bit of a depressed introvert myself, and I’m prone to seasonal affective disorder, as well, so I should probably work on gaining better dopamine saturation, and then performing exercises to increase my eidetic memory.

    Maybe when I’m much older, I’ll move to a tropical or subtropical climate to nip the SAD in the bud, but that might burn me out to constantly be exposed to warm, sunny weather all year round.

    I think your experience with developing better mental skills with obsessive practice resembles my own. I think concrete practice of skills is important for Thallish types in order to stay mentally sharp and healthy. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve been looking to end my NEET lifestyle.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I wouldn’t worry too much about developing eidetic memory as a skill. It is a fundamentally childish sort of cognition, as opposed to ADD which is how a mature adult male interacts with the world (i.e. extremes of impatience and complete devotion to a task). Kim Peek is a freak with an admirable skill, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s an autistic savant who obsessively practices remembering instead of multiplication, music, chess or something more conventional.

      I could write a small pamphlet about depression. We should chat in real-time so I can give you some situation-specific pointers.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Gmail chat address is and Skype UN is aeoli.pera. I don’t use these very responsibly (I’ve left them signed in for weeks without checking) so please don’t take my erratic behavior personally. I’m working on this.

      • Nottuh says:

        Thanks for the contact info. You’re an interesting, and intellectual guy and I’d like to chat with you on Skype some time. Maybe I’ll throw you an email, so we can plan a good time to talk.

        I won’t take the erratic behaviour personally. I have rather erratic behaviour myself, and I fidget quite a bit in person. Look up Harry Cocque on YouTube and you’ll see a young man with black hair and olive skin, who speaks very oddly in a monotone voice. That’s me.

  3. lflick says:

    You keep misspelling CREATIVITY. You can use drop caps if you’re not enough of a man.

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