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I refer to this concept in tomorrow’s post. Therefore, cheater copypasta post today. (There will be more cheater posts to come because I’m expecting a hell of a week. I’m whipping them together ahead of time and scheduling them to publish later, which is downright…responsible! :-O) NH original is here.

So, “splitting”. I think I need to credit TEM for doing the heavy lifting, but it’s been so long that I honestly can’t remember. Except that for TTs, it’s not a fundamental mismatch of back and front like TMs have to deal with. (Or so I believe.) It’s a software-based dysfunction and I think it can be resolved entirely.

BTW, that link is required reading because I want to move fairly quickly.

Splitting occurs because the deepsock (and perhaps thallowerface and longface) front wants to logicalize everything in life, and be extremely practical, and learn to code Java (employability!), read practical books about microeconomics, and suchforth. And while the bigocc agrees that reality is important and dandy, it also wants to read scifi and fantasy, and learn lojban and Quenya, and distract you with strange ideas about the way things “should” be. Now, neither of these desires are bad; it’s just a mismatch of fundamental values. Practicality and imagination, the face is a fastidious conservative and the back is an ingenius libertarian brat that dreams of someday writing its very own open-source compiler the way it always should have been written (dam n00bs!). It has the makings of a sitcom, eh? Philieas Fogg and Richard Stallman get an apartment together and it turns out to be the inside of my head.

Whoa. Did I just blow your mind? Primetime, 30 million viewers the first night, step aside American Idol. I’m getting a little off-topic. Anyway, this usually manifests as one of the archetypes dominating the other. That little retarded aside is a good example of the first type (below), so I’ll just leave it in here as an example.

If the bigocc back is dominating, it’s probably during an energy trough or a depressive episode, and the TT will spend a lot of time reading books and reading strange things on the internet and imagining fantasy worlds full of people speaking languages with Turing-complete syntax. The deepsock frontal lobe won’t get to do much of the talking or deciding because the bigocc is hogging the attention and bandwidth, and all of the benefits of deepsock are lost. Like the ability to focus on the same thing for long periods and think clearly, or write with logical structure (tending rather to be entertainingly useless free association, as in the example above), or account for context. Or especially, to do something that the TT knows he has to do, but doesn’t want to do.

If the deepsock front is dominating, it’s probably during a period of high energy and motivation. As you might have guessed, this will seem like a good thing at first because many of the symptoms have the appearance of functionality. The TT will be organized (often to the point of excess), be working hard to advance his career, stop reading “those childish made-up stories”, sleep far less, and generally be a workaholic. This dysfunction has all the weaknesses of typical workaholism and a couple of extra ones that are specific to TTs, just for flavor. For one, the occipital does not take kindly to being ignored. But more importantly, deepsock is all means and devoid of ends. And it has a very low IQ relative to the bigocc, so the TT loses a lot of the ingenuity and imagination that makes him good at genuinely practical things like science.

tl;dr, It’s a bad thing. When the brain parts are working together in a fluid, relaxed, holistic manner, it’s a good thing. A lifestyle that produces this frame of mind will probably maximize your cognitive potential as a TT. (I’d heard talk of psychosilocybins in the early days, but I know nothing of that myself and merely mention it in passing.)

Some more symptoms before I wrap up:

Occipital-dominant split: sleeping more often than usual, low energy, many major worldview changes in short periods of time (ex. lib -> ancap -> reactionary -> fascist etc. in a single year), laconia, hyperlexia, high creativity but no follow through, lots of unfinished projects, many impractical projects, cynicism, disillusionment. This often accompanies a lifestyle crash due to deepsock overextension. High emphasis on the “Longer Introvert Acetylcholine Pathway” described here: … ever-seen/

Deepsock-dominant split: Basically the opposite of everything above, except you might also do a lot of reading or none at all, depending on context. These periods will come up after a bigocc-dominant split has created a bunch of ideas and you start a dopamine spiral because it feels so good to start implementing the ideas without much effort. Energy’s up until the inspiration runs out.

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  1. slenkar says:

    IF Gimme your heart, AND make it real
    forget about it

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  3. Edenist whackjob says:

    Weed seems to do the trick in balancing front and back for me (this is assuming I am actually TT, but the description above is spot-on in any case so…).

    I feel like my brain is smooth for up to 2 days after a session, then it´s back to deepsock neurosis (I had the occipital-muppet thing in my earlier years, before I became an entrepreneur aka changed my self-image to “driven to win in the real world”).

    I also get a LOT of paradigm-shifting movies when I´m high. My eureka rate perks up very noticeably. The usual excellent-for-holding-things-in-ram short/medium term memory is shot though, so insight retention hinges on writing decipherable notes in the moment.

    Theory: it´s really the CBD doing it, and I could get the same benefit from just hemp oil or however it´s called. And if so, anything else that does the same thing (so prolly vitamin D, fish oil, etc, as well as stuff they talk about on Longecity) is probably also a good bet.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      So whatever it is that I have (associative horizon, tentatively), weed seems to give people an awful lot more of it. But it sent me right over the edge.

      I will say this for it: I slept great afterward. Otherwise, it was completely miserable.

  4. Edenist whackjob says:

    Random tangent: have you ever been annoyed at self dev advice talking about correcting one’s self-talk being seen as some kind of effective/awesome panacea? Is it just me, or does that kind of thing just not work for TTs? Basically everything that falls into the category of “challenging negative thoughts” as well as stuff like affirmations.

    1) TTs don´t think in linear/verbal like that primarily, they think visual-kinesthetic (occipital) or error-detecting/systemizing (deepsock). Either one is non-responsive to verbal commands. Linear/verbal is seen as some kind of “sure, that makes sense, but it’s too obvious” toy kind of intellect, so it’s ignored in favor of the more fanciful occipital and its flashes of abstract imagery and intuition. Or the deepsock neurosis sets in and everything is wrong, drab, and in need of fixing. Ie a depressed thal imagines the worst and sees only the problems.

    2) TTs are smart enough that all of those CBT type things are all obvious anyway. “Reframing the problem? Sure, that’s obvious, but give me something I can actually believe in.”

    3) TTs seem to do well with linear/verbal in written form, though. It’s like it gets slaved to the occipital, and in such capacity it serves its role to satisfaction. Te serves Ni, in MBTI parlance.

    4) I would say that linear/verbal matches Te, deepsock mode matches Ti, and occipital is a mix of Ni, Ne and Fi. Strengthening inner-voice Te might actually be a worthy goal – instead of thinking in whooshes and flashes, really spell out the thought like a normal person.

    5) I suspect thals are what you would call depersonalized. Ie they somewhat prefer to live in a fantasy and reality is a bit nebulous. Suspect this has something to do with dopamine.

    6) INTPs turn into INTJs under amygdala stimulation and snap out of the fantasy fog temporarily, as Aeoli has pointed out. Could this be utilized for Thal CBT?

    Anyway, any ideas on how thals can do CBTish self-talk type modification things effectively? I think RSD Tyler is on to the right track a lot of the time, even if he sometimes simplifies things down to linear/verbal/cognitive sound-bites* for the croms (“you are the prize!” and stuff like that). He talks a lot about how “buy-in” is crucial and how you have to rewire your entitlement through positive references, for instance. Ie you have to believe the slogans are correct and you have to feel-see that they lead to desirable results.

    * Sometimes they are not just sound-bites however, but rather his own crystallized label for some visual-kinesthetic structure he is trying to convey.

    Incidentally, I am kind-of/half-way starting to learn how to generate buy-in to typical CBT things. It’s pretty great to be able to generate “click” feelings to mainstream self dev advice. I don’t really know how I do it, but my koanstack seems to bea combination of imagining blood flowing to the frontal lobe, looking up and to the right, really trying to see beyond my deepsock veil of systemizing as well as my occipital fantasies, and repeating “take it for what it is”. I suppose, emulating a melon. Downside to the method: Eden blogs seem really crazy, and I feel quite psychotic for writing these kind of texts at 3am.

    Somewhat unhappy with the coherency of this dump, but I lack practice and it’s late.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Random tangent: have you ever been annoyed at self dev advice talking about correcting one’s self-talk being seen as some kind of effective/awesome panacea?

      Well, I hadn’t noticed before you said it. I think I’m more dubious that it’s a good idea in the first place. It’s just another form of self-deception. Nothing good ever came from that before, why should it now?

      I agree with all points 1-6 except 5, on which I’m waffling. It is impossible for me to ignore the fact that thals are very closely related to narcissists.

      >Downside to the method: Eden blogs seem really crazy, and I feel quite psychotic for writing these kind of texts at 3am.
      Somewhat unhappy with the coherency of this dump, but I lack practice and it’s late.

      It seems to be something you can get better at with practice. But then your insights get bigger too.

  5. Edenist whackjob says:

    I realize point 5 goes against the whole “thals are the arch reality K masters/survivalists” as opposed to r gammas reality-benders with damaged amygdalae, but I’m not really being effective at conveying what I’m thinking of then, I suppose. I think we can all agree that Thals are a bit “stuck in their heads”.

    Should do some Win Wenger image-streaming to raise my IQ :)

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I think the only way for TTs to seriously raise their IQ is to pick up as much crystalized knowledge as possible (emulates melons, who do this naturally, and require more fluid IQ).

  6. Edenist whackjob says:

    Arggh, teh typos.

  7. Craig says:

    I’ll give away the social thal secret, what I think is secret to noobs anyway, a few melons seem to elude to this in some of their writing’s… The melons try to be proud, really they should be scared.

    I find 4 features front and back so total 8 is sufficient to identify peoples dominant err side. From memory the font of the / is back of head and after / is face. So I would identify myself as…


    My cheat is I feel the electricity too. So I can feel more then I let on… Thus I can compete with melons for social dominance… It’s also good to detect people who lie, with hold information or try to milk information. I’m not saying this feature makes you bullet proof, but it does help. I come from a family of cops and military…

    I think it’s what corresponds with our luck too.

    Luck is only what you make it.

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