We are legion…but we aren’t really “joiners”

Given our expectation for 4G war to predominate in the next few decades, and the fact that military force puts the power in powertalk (that is, force drives politics), and given also what we know about the science of human improvement, how do we foment martial virtue in the new culture warriors?
Best question ever, admit it.

There’s the fight club approach, of course: offering it up as a meaningful alternative to consumerist anathema. Still, I see this as a case of the tail wagging the dog. Environmental conditions are going to be the main determinant of any resurgence in martial virtue. The only ways to have minor effects outside of that are going to be to incentivize it (cash, status, sex…etc)

Donovan Greene

The fight club approach is the way of fighting yesterday’s war. The basic idea being to build functional cells of force that can be called upon, activated and amalgamated for top-down applications of force.

And so while I understand that a 4G version may incorporate a very similar approach, it must be rebuilt from scratch with strict insistence on its new purpose, rather than old forms. I agree that it must offer a meaningful alternative to consumerism. There is an extreme thirst for this right now.
People want to be given a reason to break out of their materialism because perfect comfort is uncomfortable. (That is, material comfort produces ennui.)

I do not agree that this can be done through consumerist incentives of increased material comfort, though the lack of these might drive people to seek new strategies for fulfillment out of desperation. Instead, the incentives must be the sorts of things people are deficient in right now. Ethnic cultural pride, real aesthetics, truth, political power, and so on.
The fact remains that the way to build virtue is to do things that require virtue, regularly, and with increasing demands. This hasn’t changed. The distinction now is like choosing whether we want an army of sprinters, distance runners, powerlifters, etc. And I think that if this is worked into a curriculum where doing virtuous things is rewarded with the things people really want but aren’t getting elsewhere, then we have a viable method.

I think the key is 1) choosing 4GW virtues rather than old virtues, 2) making it generally palatable by avoiding old, scary war-mongering forms, and 3) keeping it distributed and antithetical to centralization. If the 4GW theory is correct, then centralization means instant death from above, and especially for groups that aren’t already big and driven to martial virtue like Moslems. Koanic recently said “The Spartans had a rule: Never war continuously against the same enemy for too long. For by doing so, you will supply by external pressure what his internal virtue could not: martial competency comparable to Sparta’s.”

Christians already have an excellent distributed discipling system in existence, where one mentor trains two disciples. The mentor and the disciples tend to be very near the same level of development, so that the mentor is slightly uncomfortable with leadership. In turn, the mentor has a relationship with a mentor who is higher up. If I understand correctly, the revolutionary folks do this as well. “The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress” suggested this is revolutionary cell 101. The difference being that it is immaterial if cells are compromised, because the main thing is the “signal”.

The signal which is the most harmonious with new adaptive strategies for 4GW will be the dominant signal. If you’re on top trying to centralize, the best move is to discourage the propagation of any and all signals, because the cultural disinformation strategy doesn’t scale. Then you saturate the air with a single, mandatory signal. The soviets do this in Ayn Rand’s “We the Living” by making the newspapers mandatory reading, but I don’t know how accurate that is.

Anyway, choosing the martial virtues should be based on how we expect the war to be fought. Lauding sports imitating the throw of a pilum wouldn’t be much good. I might have to study Victoria: A Novel of 4th Generation War.

There are psychologically different effects produced by jogging vs. strength training. I think this is key: strong men are more impatient with bullshit and vote in accordance with their individual interests, rather than, say, group norms and interests. They are also more useful in spontaneous reactive conflict vs. the planned violence of large groups, which prefers ill-fed (low-maintenance), fearful Delta/Gamma types.

This actually anticipates a crucial problem: enslavement by starvation. Very traditional, and powerlifters need lots of expensive calories and proteins.

I’m inspired by Europe’s “no-go” zones. Especially now that the military and police force are getting filled up by misfits. The police force less so, because they’re all recruited from the last batch of military anymore. But the next batch of ex-military is going to be milquetoasts, immigrants, and various colors of the rainbow. I wonder if we can turn the breadbasket of America into a giant, ethnic white no-go zone. Probably not in time for the gulags to get up to full speed, but it’s a fun hypothetical nonetheless. And it’s fight or flight. Freezing up isn’t an option with predators. Criminals, sure. They just want your money, and maybe your butt virginity :-). But we’re talking predators, more or less.

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9 Responses to We are legion…but we aren’t really “joiners”

  1. Alex says:

    I like this idea of ‘spontaneous reactive conflict’, but I would call the opposite attrition warfare as a dehumanised exercise in corporate logistics.

    Blitzkrieg is a way of forcing SRC by going beyond the two trenches where ‘opposing’ corporations lob their produce back and forth, breaking into the machine and grabbing the man hiding behind the credential. It is a momentary explosion of strength, intelligence, courage and will and a true competition Vs a stale endless war against Eurasia for the purpose of employing listless dimwits. The modern equivalents might be terrorism, hacking or whistle-blowing. The defence is the surveillance state. Hence, the arms race is Surveillance Vs Subversion, NSA Vs Bitcoin.

    On the defensive side, the strategy has always been to move to the most rugged terrain you can find, riddle the mountains with tunnels and stuff them full of parmesan. This means you can pop out of the terrain, SRC a few invading corporation members, then run away and refuel your massive muscles with parmesan. The counter-strategy is investment in big area-denial weapons. Hence, the arms race is missiles and drones Vs vault technology, NBC filters etc.

    The body of corporations that make up the materialist dialectic want to swallow up the whole world and then merge into the NWO. The solution is to penetrate or retreat but never oppose.

    • Heaviside says:

      Careful there, people might figure out why the Germans in the last days of the war constructed huge networks of underground factories and laboratories, that could both give and take WMD attacks, and why they designed so many weapons that could be cheaply mass produced and given to partisans, and why they created so many partisan movements that continued to fight the Soviet Union into the ’60s. The whole comic book narrative Americans believe about WWII might come crashing down…

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >I like this idea of ‘spontaneous reactive conflict’, but I would call the opposite attrition warfare as a dehumanised exercise in corporate logistics.

      That plus area effect weapons. I doubt this is going to be a very nice century.

      >Blitzkrieg is a way of forcing SRC by going beyond the two trenches where ‘opposing’ corporations lob their produce back and forth, breaking into the machine and grabbing the man hiding behind the credential.

      The Marxists, Gramscians, Communists, and Alinskyites have been on the offensive for so long because their tactics work.

      >Hence, the arms race is Surveillance Vs Subversion, NSA Vs Bitcoin.

      I disagree. I think the arms race will be religious. Religion flows downhill into art, then art -> culture -> politics -> military.

      >On the defensive side, the strategy has always been to move to the most rugged terrain you can find, riddle the mountains with tunnels and stuff them full of parmesan.

      I think this might change, and we’ll be riddling institutions instead of mountains. We’ll see, and there’s no harm in studying what already works.

      >The body of corporations that make up the materialist dialectic want to swallow up the whole world and then merge into the NWO. The solution is to penetrate or retreat but never oppose.


  2. Alex says:

    That’s a good point. If someone were executing this strategy really excellently, there’s no way you’d be able to work it out from inside the milking parlour. You’d just faintly hear the owners getting themselves into all sorts of trouble and hysterical arguments their creditors. Then one fine day the big steel doors would roll open. But obviously this doesn’t apply to any modern countries, because all of the wars the West fights these days are straightforward Good Guys Vs Bad Guys stuff.

    • Heaviside says:

      Japan is the world’s largest creditor nation and America is the world’s largest debtor nation. Germany is the world’s largest European creditor nation.

      Americans seriously believe that they won a war against a great power with two bombs, when the equivalent of hundreds of Fat Men were dropped on Vietnam(and smaller weapons are more effective due to inverse square and cube root effects).

      Imperial Japanese Army still fighting in Indochina in 1949? Well that’s nothing the American public needs to know about.

      Azov Battalion? Lithuanian National Socialists? Russia pushed back farther east than it was in 1772? Clearly, this is Reagan’s fault!

      Hitler was a political genius, and he always knew how to turn a sticky situation to his advantage. He understood that the division of Germany would allow him to play both superpowers against each other. He knew that he could use his wunderwaffen and flying discs to coerce the US into giving reparations to West Germany. He also knew that East Germany would be almost like caveman frozen in a block of ice, protected from the cultural decay of America. The SED said that they built the Wall to shield the GDR’s population from “Western decadence”. They also declared, upon the establishment of the GDR, that it was “socialist and nationalist”. In Mein Kampf, he said that communism never innovates, it only copies, and if we believe that he was an honest man who believed what he wrote, then a man as logical in that peculiar way as Hitler was would calculate that East Germany would preserve National Socialism, frozen in time with only a cosmetically different appearance. Indeed, many of the buildings in the former East Berlin were still exactly as they were in 1945 when the Wall came down.

      Joseph Goebbels invented the phrases “iron curtain” and “better dead than red”. The fascists were the original anti-communists. America helped the Soviet Union until it was forced by fascist elements into opposing it. That’s why the World Anti-Communist League and the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations were filled with ex-fascists. They were fascist organizations.

      MacArthur (“the Emperor’s general”)was hand-picked by the Emperor Showa. Everything he did benefited Japan, and he almost became President of the USA! That is how total American defeat was in WWII: America was nearly put under the control of a Japanese-puppet dictator. Hitler probably wanted to do the same thing with Patton, but he was knocked out by Jewish assassins.

      Americans like to make a big fuss about how Japan has a pacifist Constitution. What they don’t realize is that their Department of War was replaced with a Department of Defense, just as they think the Imperial Japanese Army was replaced by the Japanese Self-Defense Force, and America has never declared war since, because America isn’t allowed to. America is not allowed to declare war because that is part of the terms of Truman’s secret surrender to Tokyo. You may not be able to find out about this secret agreement, but anybody can check that the US Army underwent a massive demobilization in 1945, so hastily that valuable military equipment was simply dumped into the ocean, and has never reached the same size since. The kicker? After Japan forced the United States military to demobilize, the US was required to give Japan tons of valuable defense contracts to build replacement equipment for the Korean War, a war run by the Japanese puppet MacArthur, and fought for the defense of Japan.

      Japan even nuked the United States at Port Chicago. The Axis had access to a weapon far more avant-garde than the crude fission weapons employed by the US. This weapon was “atomic” but not necessarily “nuclear;” it may or may not employed more conventional fission and/or fusion reactions in conjunction with its primary principle of operation. It used (perhaps bi-conical) hollow charges and/or staged implosion of multiple colliding metal liners in order to compress matter into a very hot and dense state, achieving tens or possibly even hundreds of TeraPascals of pressure. Much better compression can be achieved with these techniques than with ordinary “fast-slow” explosive lenses. Matter in these extreme states becomes an electron degenerate plasma, such as is found in white dwarf stars, and x-rays become the primary carriers of heat and kinetic energy. These extreme pressures cause the formation of Metastable Inner-shell Molecular States, which release enormous amounts of energy as x-rays, useful for compressing more standard varieties of nuclear explosives or triggering photofission/photodisintegration, but also dangerous enough on their own. This was known as the “Molecular Bomb,” and was described in Henry Stevens’ book Hitler’s Suppressed and still Secret Weapons, and in a decrypted Japanese diplomatic cable from 1944 available on microfilm at the US National Archives.

      The story they tell you in school is that the United States rebuilt the Axis nations and fought communism because it was just so gosh darned nice. They tell you that Britain relinquished its empire because it was just so gosh darned nice. They tell you that the Soviet Union fell apart because it was just so gosh darned mean. Total bullcrap. All of these are the result of a titanic geostrategic victory by the Axis. Yet despite the fact that the Axis has totally redrawn the map of the Earth, smashed the three largest empires in the world, and made its nations the richest on the planet, it has not been able to shift the public discourse one iota. It has been totally defeated in the realm of propaganda(all mass media is by definition propaganda, because it is something that is propagated). It is absolutely bizarre, and proves that the World Spirit works in mysterious ways. I think this proves my belief that the problems we face are much deeper than mere politics.

      Like Syberberg said, German and Japanese tourists roam the planet victorious, and yet defeated at the same time. The Axis may have liberated the Earth from Bolshevism, however;

      “The danger is not in Bolshevism, but in we ourselves.”

      • Heaviside says:

        Anyone who doesn’t believe me about Hitler’s plan for the DDR ought to know that it is common knowledge in Germany that the former DDR is much more nationalist than the rest of the country.


        I heard Hitler remarked once that he considered Stalin’s “socialist experiment” to be “red fascism.”

      • Alex says:

        According to alternative explanations, it’s necessary to believe that every WWII politician was an insane neurotic racist and a short-tempered moron. The explanation you’ve written here unravels an intelligent thread of good-willed cunning and cooperation between two great races leading to peace and prosperity. It also involves degenerates getting hoisted by their own petard many times over. It’s a very cute feel good story that I instinctively want to believe and will tend to believe for that reason.

        > It has been totally defeated in the realm of propaganda … It is absolutely bizarre, and proves that the World Spirit works in mysterious ways.

        Eschatologically speaking, it makes perfect sense. Freely pursuing virtue leads to the truth that sets you free. If you don’t think American interventionism is unjust, you’d never guess it was for someone else’s benefit. Pretending to lose a war so that you can enjoy your freedom in peace sounds like a properly Christian solution. Using warmongering Americans as your bitch against warmongering barbarians threatening Japan sounds like just deserts. Americans are in the hell of their own creation. If the truth were immediately available it would take away the sense of agency and accomplishment. It’s as if the tribulation is not a magical cosmic happening but something that was partly engineered by the Axis.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        I’m starting to think my blog is merely a formality, where the two of you just barely need a jumping off point to talk srs business. You ping each other very well, IMO, and should consider doing some sorta brainstormy bloggy thing.

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