Quote of the day

This kinda dumb bullhonky shitpost is all I’ve got in me today. Fuck I’m a mess sometimes.

Fortunately, there are other people on the internet picking up the slack.

We all have different methods of measuring people. I have a few metrics I employ in evaluating people that JS does not score well on. In no particular order…

(1.) How do they respond to conflict, disagreement and dissent?
(2.) Do they possess self-awareness?
(3.) Are they intellectually honest?
(4.) What disappoints them, angers them, saddens them?
(5.) The quality of person they gravitate toward and vice-versa.
(6.) What are they proud of?
(7.) What do they consider a virtue and a vice?

Having spent time on his blog and especially his comment threads, the answers to the above questions reveal a sad, small, contemptible man.

Comment: Why everyone hates McRapey

That’s an excellent set of criteria- very concise and poignant. I ought to make a list of my own like this.

Congrats Verkisto, you win the putatively biweekly Aeoli Pera award for Peripheral Significance in Jabber-Jabber on the Interwhatsit. Your prize is the feeling of fulfillment which supposedly accompanies a job well done, although this has not been my experience.

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2 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. Nottuh says:

    I like this post. It’s short, sweet, and easy to comprehend.

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