Testosterone as a major component of predicting genius

I recently responded to this comment:

The most reliable store of value is the ingenuity to turn less valuable materials into more valuable consumable goods. IQ is the most scarce resource we have that we’re not making more of, assuming IQ as a proxy for ingenuity.

Comment: The metric

It’s not a bad proxy, but not perfect either. I figure ingenuity is around 70% due to IQ. The rest seems to be a small dose of crazy (5%) and a stubborn streak that approaches retardation (25%).

This is really just a restatement of Paul Cooijmans’ formulation- intelligence, conscientiousness, associative horizon- with less esoteric vocabulary and weights attached that happen to feel sorta right to me. The spirit of rho’s comment is essentially the same as my own: using economics to communicate the devastating scale of the losses incurred by a civilization that aggressively retards and destroys genius.

Using this as a starting point, why would testosterone be so important for genius? I say it is because it contributes to the boneheaded stubbornness component (25% conscientiousness).

Although they are less common than males, it is not difficult to find females with IQs roundabout the 165 mark, which appears to have been more or less the sweet spot for genius for the last millenium or so. It is similarly facile to find psychotic/creative women with endogenous personality types, although these are similarly much less common at the extremes. This intersection would already predict a very small fraction of female geniuses to male geniuses, perhaps 1/100, but we actually observe that the number is so vanishingly small that it can be counted on one hand per century. We’re talking less than one in a billion women.

A small tangent, consider the phrenological differences between Ayn Rand, for all her faults a proper genius…

…and Joy Davidman, who was not a genius.

Both women were very high-IQ, Eastern European Ashkenazi with extremely similar features. The only real difference is that Ayn Rand has an extraordinary amount of testosterone for a woman, which is expressed as a squared jaw and hollowed cheeks that don’t store fat. I’m surprised she was heterosexual, even if she happened to be the original aggressive lawyercunt who wouldn’t mind discussing her husband’s penis size on national radio.

In my own life, I have noticed the subjective effects of testosterone are heightened energy, sharpened focus (often obsessive), and a curious blend of extreme impatience and lengthened time preference. Further, I propose that single-mindedness and boneheaded stubbornness are the two primary stereotypically masculine trait. They only become more pronounced with greater testosterone and masculinity.

A quick note about math:

A new study into causes of the scarcity of women in technical and scientific fields says that it is not discrimination by men in the field keeping the ladies away. Nor is it a repugnance felt by women for possibly dishevelled or unhygienic male nerds.

No, the reason that young women don’t train in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) areas – and thus, don’t find themselves with jobs at tech companies, in IT etc – is quite simply that they mostly don’t know enough maths to do those courses.

“It is all about the mathematical content of the field. Girls not taking math coursework early on in middle school and high school are set on a different college trajectory than boys,” says economics prof Donna Ginther.

Ginther and a colleague, Shulamit Kahn, examined statistics on young women’s maths qualifications and mathematical requirements for college courses in America. Put simply, they found that absence of women studying a given course can be accounted for simply by the fact that most young women don’t know much maths.

H/T: Barbie doesn’t like math

Fact is, most men really aren’t much interested in math qua math either. It’s pretty rare. The difference is that men are often really interested in things that require math, like rocketships, and they have the boneheaded stubbornness to figure it out. It’s like stairs. People run stairs for exercise, and you need them to reach stuff at a higher level, but it’s pretty freaking rare to find somebody who actually enjoys going up stairs. A man might develop an associative fondness for stairs that consistently lead him to the apartment of his paramour, and a man might fall in love with his tools because he loves working on his car, but it was never really about the stairs or the tools.

Still, you need math to answer the most interesting questions, like “Can we go into space?” So it’s almost a prerequisite for being a genius. Think of it as a language for geniuses to talk to each other and geek out about the natural world.


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19 Responses to Testosterone as a major component of predicting genius

  1. Edenist whackjob says:

    I suspect it has something to do with sex drive, too. High desire to bang women sublimated into a more abstract feminine represented by one’s chosen Art.

    I mean, esoterically, Man is the actor who wants to fuck the great Woman (the universe). Read David Deida’s “Way of the superior man” for more of that kind of ultra-esoteric sexism. Also, the concept of “sex transmutation” in Napoleon Hill’s “Think and grow rich”.

    Women just don’t have that desire to go out and “fuck the world”.

  2. Edenist whackjob says:

    Almost too obvious, but rockets are big phalloses that you want to send off into the great black void of space to bring life there. (I am on a quasi-intellectual train this morning, apparently).

  3. Edenist whackjob says:

    Math as the esperanto of geniuses. Cool way to put it.

  4. Heaviside says:

    Von Braun’s primary motivation was his desire to personally go into space.

    Of course, all rational people know that Germany put the first man into orbit on February 24, 1945. Only deluded radical American ultra-nationalists and communist agents believe otherwise. Us reasonable, well-informed, and moderate National Socialists have a moral responsibility enlighten the public and free them from irrational woo-peddlers and Allied cranks.

    • Heaviside says:

      The U.S. Government lies to its people even more than the Soviet Union lied to its people. The peoples of the SU were told that all manner of devices were first invented in the USSR, which were not, and the US does the same. The United States edits and censors its encyclopedias just as the Soviets did.


      There are not just unpersons, but unevents, unmachines, unbattles, etc.

    • Edenist whackjob says:

      What’s with all your Nazi-worship? Is it serious or more of an in-joke?

      • Heaviside says:

        Wow, is “nazi” still a thing? It’s 2015, people. The correct term is “National Socialist”. “Nazi” should not be acceptable anywhere. That word has such a dark and vile history.

      • Heaviside says:

        Why was Von Braun so successful? It was not so much that he himself was singularly talented engineer, but that he was an exceptionally good manager of engineers. If you read a blog like Michael O’Church’s you will find that our society is abominable at managing engineers. Has it ever been different? Has there ever been a real “Tomorrowland” or “Galt’s Gulch”? As a matter of fact, there was:

        “Accordingly a human community is well organized only when it facilitates to the highest possible degree individual creative forces and utilizes their work for the benefit of the community. The most valuable factor of an invention, whether it be in the world of material realities or in the world of abstract ideas, is the personality of the inventor himself.

        The first and supreme duty of an organized folk community is to place the inventor in a position where he can be of the greatest benefit to all. Indeed the very purpose of the organization is to put this principle into practice. Only by so doing can it ward off the curse of mechanization and remain a living thing. In itself it must personify the effort to place men of brains above the multitude and to make the latter obey the former.

        Therefore not only does the organization possess no right to prevent men of brains from rising above the multitude but, on the contrary, it must use its organizing powers to enable and promote that ascension as far as it possibly can. It must start out from the principle that the blessings of mankind never came from the masses but from the creative brains of individuals, who are therefore the real benefactors of humanity.” — A.H.

        One of the explicit goals of National Socialism was the empowerment of geniuses to the greatest degree possible.

        “Seventeen million workers are unconditionally at the mercy of Capitalism, which has complete control over all methods of production; they are thus forced to sell their own, their only capital – their power of work – at the lowest possible price. And for this reason, they rightly feel cast-out from a society (by whatever name: people, state, or nation) which silently tolerates the situation. ” — Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels


        This quotes were taken from Lyle Burkhead’s website, because he was one of the first people to make me seriously consider National Socialism:


      • Edenist whackjob says:

        ‘Wow, is “nazi” still a thing? It’s 2015, people. The correct term is “National Socialist”. “Nazi” should not be acceptable anywhere. That word has such a dark and vile history.’

        Sorry. Was just asking for an explanation of your position.

  5. Heaviside says:

    I wonder how far you can get in advanced mathematics just using the same rote mentation style most people use in school.

    • Edenist whackjob says:

      What does that mean?

    • Edenist whackjob says:

      I would guess you mean something like that people usually follow a formulaic style of problem-solving, relying on memorized formulas, instead of really “getting down” with the problem-sets from multiple angles and understanding the “shapes” (ie visual thinking) of them.

  6. Edenist whackjob says:

    Would it be fair to say that programming is to dimmer Thals (I keep using that word even though I think Edenism is a mass delusion these days – somehow, it just “fits”) what math is to brighter folk?

    If so, I suppose I do like “math” qua math.

    Hopefully, one of these days, I will level up and get into big boy thinking.

  7. Another Ashkanazi Jewish woman with similar phenotype. Edith Stein/St. Theresa Benedicta of the Cross.


  8. Texas Arcane says:

    Von Braun demonstrated from an early age this stubborn, nightmarish determination to go into outer space when it could formally be considered a form of childhood schizophrenia. He was caught riding a wagon through the middle of his town in the middle of the night literally powered by exhaust from fireworks he had strapped to the back at the age of 12 years old. When asked for an explanation he claimed he was trying to determine how much thrust was needed to power his moon rocket. This can scarcely be believed but it is documented in several places independently. Willy Ley said people were initially scared of Von Braun as some kind of rocket groupie when he told them he intended to go to outer space someday.

    In all fairness, the original poster is quite correct. The only peacetime nation that has successfully identified people like this in their midst (during peacetime, wartime can be an exception) has been Nazi Germany. Whether or not this means that some of Adolph’s assertions are correct about genius only being appreciated by the State given sufficient control … I am not certain if this is accurate or not but to date, Nazi Germany recruited the greatest numbers of true geniuses from their population before they went to war. Since they certainly had martial aims in the longer term this tells me that the only situation that enables Sapiens and Melonheads to overcome their innate contempt for the Neanderthal is the necessity of the war footing or at least martial virtues in execution.

    There are some really interesting things about Von Braun that pertain to this discussion :

    1. He was mentored by an extraordinary woman, his mother the Countessa by all reports a woman of genius herself. Von Braun was raised in peculiar circumstances in a situation you might see in a comic book … his genius mother embuing him with a sense of destiny from a young age and a desire to “save the world” with science. She personally oversaw his training and education and mentored him daily. A far different experience from most Asperger’s children taught they are defective and totally without purpose from a young age.

    2. Unlike Alan Turing who struggled even during wartime to try to keep the island of Britain from being firebombed into a burnt out crater, Von Braun was given the full support and backing of the Reich. Von Braun routinely made speculations out loud that would have result in his hanging if he had been any other man, but Hitler brushed off any criticisms or reports from Gestapo with “he’s a genius, short of treason I am not interested in hearing any critical talk about Von Braun.”

    3. The original poster is also correct. Whereas Turing was isolated and largely powerless and had to fight an uphill battle to get his Enigma code-breaking computer built (they were constantly in his lab trying to tear it apart) Von Braun was able to delegate to a huge body of brilliant men and coordinate them all in reaching a common goal. This just was not seen outside of Nazi Germany. In the Allied nations, geniuses usually struggled by themselves to make an iota of progress and were rarely allowed to delegate any work but their own.

    I’m not a Nazi booster but if you think the Nazis were unsuccessful in achieving spectacular successes in engineering and technological advancement then you just don’t know history. The truth is, nobody came remotely close in the 20th century. It is also true that none of these successes can be traced to the use of slave labor, rather arguments could be made that the departments using slave labor were actually the bottlenecks in getting real working ICBMs operating against their opponents.

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  11. mobiuswolf says:

    “and a stubborn streak that approaches retardation (25%).”
    LMAO naaaaa

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