A couple of loose ends

Sorry for absence, lack of posting, yada yada. It occurred to me that when times get rough, my dedication to putting out original blog content remains (209 posts so far in 2015, many of them good) but my correspondence level falls off a cliff. For a couple of reasons, this is ass-backwards. So I’m going to fix that before the year is out.

Laz and Edenist Whackjob both asked where “Aeoli Pera” comes from. Aeoli is the possessive case for “Aeolus”, the name of the wind god:

Briefly, the first Aeolus was a son of Hellen and eponymous founder of the Aeolian race; the second was a son of Poseidon, who led a colony to islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea; and the third Aeolus was a son of Hippotes who is mentioned in Odyssey book 10 as Keeper of the Winds who gives Odysseus a tightly closed bag full of the captured winds so he could sail easily home to Ithaca on the gentle West Wind.


“Pera” means bag, so “Aeoli Pera” means the wind god’s bag, referring to this bag of wind. So it’s a fancy way of saying “windbag”, which is a way of impressing people, or making them chuckle, or explaining exactly how seriously I take my own opinions. (Let’s face it, I think I’m a neanderthal because a guy on the internet told me so.)

I also like the way it looks when I read it. The idea to do something like this came from emulating the triple pun “Vox Day”.

About Aeoli Pera

Maybe do this later?
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  1. I thought you just liked garlic mayonnaise with spanish food or something

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