The two Rs, Race and Real Estate, explain 80% of politics

This idea is cribbed from Steve Sailer’s last 5 years or so of bloggyblogging, and smooshed into a form even literal-minded thards can understand. The definition of “race” can be thought of in the loose, traditional sense of “people who look and talk like me” or in the game-theoretic, genetic sense of “people I’m more related to than other people who are competing for the same wombs/resources (r/k)”. The definition of real estate is harder, but in practice it’s pretty easy to recognize when a mass of Italians begins moving into a densely populated Irish neighborhood, and the town hall meetings start getting heated.

In a Malthusian situation where people fill up an island or a continent, you have to start looking at “race and housing prices”, like Steve Sailer is doing. He’s thus able to predict elections using his affordable family formation metric, with such observations as “unlike Mexicans or Asians, people from the white race breed above replacement in low population density areas, and they tend to be childless in high population density areas”.

People say “follow the money”. But I say that economics is merely a cloudy abstraction from politics, “the concerted actions of classes of people”, and while interesting it is distracting at best. Man is not a rational actor. He is a political animal. Therefore, I say “follow the blood and the dirt”.

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6 Responses to The two Rs, Race and Real Estate, explain 80% of politics

  1. Heaviside says:

    Blut und Boden

  2. Heaviside says:

    Hitler said a lot of things along exactly these lines, but people confuse these kinds of mundane matters with “lebensraum,” which was an occult concept.

    • Heaviside says:

      I like most of the stuff Stevens writes, but unfortunately here he is just criticizing his own side for being powerless. That is not what he means to do, but it is what he implicitly does, because he wouldn’t make these criticisms if they did have power.

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