Neotenids and their parallel information economy

All of this comes from my personal observations from working among the lower class in various places for the last decade or so.


Neotenids shall be defined as the new race born of interbreeding, dysgenics, and general infantilization in the American lower classes.

We are creating a new race here in the US – the Negro. A study looking at head sizes from the colonial era to today found that Whites and Black skulls now resemble each other more than either one resembles their grandparents. Both Black and White skulls have gotten larger, taller and narrower, the lower half of the face and jaw have receded, and the chin has become more prominent.

Both changes are in favor of more progressive features and against more archaic features.That means that modern Whites have skulls that look more like modern Blacks than our White ancestors of 250 years ago. And modern Blacks have skulls that look more like modern Whites than their African slave ancestors of 250 years.

I do not feel that it is appropriate to constantly compare US Negroes with Black Africans. Not only are they completely different groups of people living on different continents for centuries, but at the moment, they’re not even equivalent racially in many ways. US Negro skulls do not look much like Black African skulls anymore.

The change in general is that US Black skulls have moved to an intermediate position between Africans and Europeans, in part due to interbreeding with Whites, but also due to improvements in environment, especially nutrition. Researchers also suggest genetic changes in skull size for both US Blacks and Whites.

Robert Lindsay
Secular Rise in Black IQ and Head Size: Evidence For a Eugenic Effect

“Neotenid” is the word I made up for the converging American single race of people, which is very neotenous and has relatively high verbal intelligence (~100). For reference, they look like Gabriel Iglesias.

Change the gender or the skin color of Gabriel Iglesias and you have a pretty good idea of the full range of neotenid appearance.

It’s not a great situation, but this is what happens. That’s what people become in order to survive a very efficient top-down, R-selecting totalitarian organization, like in traditional China. Put epicanthic folds on Iglesias, replace the empathy with visuospatial intelligence (artifact of Chinese eugenics/ruthlessness), and you have a mongoloid. It’s like how when you mix dogs, you always eventually end up with something that looks like dingos.

Major personality characteristics of American neotenids: 105 verbal IQ, 85 visual IQ (maxes out assembling an Ikea table), exogenous ESFP, highly impressionable and highly responsive to authority/expectations/media, low to nonexistent discernment, high sadism/humor but very rabbity response to actual, nearby violence. Imagine YouTube personified.

Parallel information economy

So, you know how people in the 3rd world supposedly survive on $1 per day or whatever the fuck? It’s not like they go to the local Wal-Mart, clutching a dollar bill, looking for discount rice. They have a parallel economy, probably a black market, and sometimes they eat other people. All sortsa non-GDP per capita bullshit going on. GDP per capita is a very poor picture of the situation.

Anyway, one also wonders how people in the lower classes obtain their encyclopedic knowledge of criminal law and sentencing, bureaucratic maneuvering (through TANF, for instance), Section 8, etc. It’s not because they read Gawker “10 best tips to rip off welfare” articles, it’s because of an informal network of information where the tacit assumption is that it’s “us against them”, them being their employers and the government. And the criminal justice system, sometimes.

They have a very fine-tuned sense of which info to share. Anything that comes from a relatively bountiful pie is okay. But if the deal is only good for a few people, they keep it to themselves without thinking.

I’ve also noticed there’s no hard feelings when a person says “sorry, I’m not going to tell you that because it means less for me and my kids”. The other person will say “Yeah, I get it” and they’ll go back to talking about the Kardashians. It’s very psychotic/tangential in nature because these people are usually high psychoticism (low intelligence). But it’s good for covering a lot of ground opportunistically.

Anything that is immediately useful for grabbing a bigger slice of the pie, they know, and everything they know is immediately useful for grabbing a bigger slice of the pie.


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18 Responses to Neotenids and their parallel information economy

  1. Takudzwa Aywok says:

    Takudzwa is glad he is not born as an American or a descendant of black slaves, but instead a pure, healthy, strong, robust negro.

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  3. Edenist whackjob says:

    One thing I’ve noticed from blacks: they seem to be good at making themselves appear smarter than they are. Often the “vibe” you get from them is that they are very practical and down to earth. They don’t say a lot of smart things but they keep their eye on the ball and stay grounded.

    Maybe everything is just more concrete and direct to them?

    Or maybe it’s just pareidolia for me again.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I don’t know that this is entirely on purpose. Everybody who doesn’t have extremely negative affectivity wants to appear smarter than they really are. I think they really are smarter than their IQ tends to indicate because IQ isn’t everything. Excepting young black males 15-25 and ghetto queens, they often are far less foolish than whites of comparable IQ. However they are far more likely to be stupid with money, for instance, because they don’t have the white matter and can’t handle the abstraction demands.

  4. Edenist whackjob says:

    Is anyone watching Mr Robot? I’m a few episodes in.

    The protagonist is phrenologically a big-eye TM, but is personality-wise a TT I suppose.

    I really like the portrayal of a highly intelligent individual with an asocial personality and addiction issues trying to claw at normalcy and bring down the system at the same time. Strikes close to home.

    The rest of the show is a bit iffy. There’s a lot of semi-accurate techno-babble (although better than the usual dreck), cool melons who have to show off and get their coolness on*, arch-Benetton casting (the hacker team is almost a parody of diversity), and they pretty much lifted the whole “sexy broody Swedish vampire” thing straight from True Blood (fun fact: the woman in the couple is actually speaking Danish).

    * I always get this feeling of disgust when a show is about technical stuff, and then melons show up and wanna be cool. Go back to Westeros and play with your intrigues!

    • Edenist whackjob says:

      Having watched a bit more, the protagonist might actually be portraying a TM in personality as well.

      I was comparing him to the few TM examples I know of, and he didn’t strike me as a Neill Strauss type, but I guess there is a bit of a range in personality expression.

      Now this makes me wonder who the script writer is…

    • Edenist whackjob says:

      For the record, I retract my recommendation. Should have watched a few more eps before speaking on the topic.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >I always get this feeling of disgust when a show is about technical stuff, and then melons show up and wanna be cool. Go back to Westeros and play with your intrigues!

      Me too, but this is just associative because coolness and intrigue just so happen to be associated with evil people 99% of the time. But those qualities are not evil, per se, but rather the opposite IMO.

  5. Texas Arcane says:

    I saw this movie, it was awesome. Mike Judge’s IDIOCRACY.

  6. The third world economy is a lot like the parallel economy that exists within large corporations actually. Ultimately it’s an information technology problem. Where people are really poor it’s not worth create a money economy to represent their wants and needs. Likewise within a corporation, transactions are purposefully not priced for the benefit of the types of specialised predators that thrive in the dark. It’s like two different tiers of r-type society.

  7. It’s interesting that the Neotenid averages out at the typical requirements of a shit-tier service economy job. I love how the economy directs biology. And the economy is just an information technology problem. The power of that is absolutely immense it’s cray.

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