Music thing: RIP Justin Lowe

Laz lookalike Justin Lowe, lead guitarist for After the Burial, was found dead last month via bridge jump. He was either psychotic at the time, or on the wrong end of a decades-long conspiracy to delay one of his records by framing him for pedophilia. Or I guess maybe both.

I’ve posted this one before, but it’s an appropriate sendoff:

Those sweeps take me somewhither else, man. It is downright haunting that he jumped off the bridge that I used to go under during my long walks back in Minnesota.

The man was undoubtedly a psychotic genius of at least the third order, and his artistic vision will be missed. I feel like I knew him as well as anybody through his music.

Who we are I’ll never know
But when we spoke I knew you well
You knew me well
You loved me through and through
I never thought I would watch you leave us
From a room as a kid I held so close
I was a son made up on sand
You were the wind that let me go
I’ll say goodbye
So this is goodbye
But I’m afraid to speak
So with words I’ll tell the story
You meant so much to me
And like the night upon nights to come
I will dream of you
And know that I will see you seen
Give me the strength to carry on
You are the ocean tide
The swells swept you away
I was a son made of sand
You were the wind that let me go
When the ocean tide has risen to high
And the waters have come to carry you away
Remember I will always be there to sing you to sleep

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2 Responses to Music thing: RIP Justin Lowe

  1. Edenist whackjob says:

    Interesting podcast:

    Talks about how people “elect” a leader in a group within 15 minutes based on who has the best voice harmonics. Very melony stuff.

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