Genius algorithm 1.0

For to maximize concentrated lateral thinking in a very short period (~30 minutes) in the morning. If you decide to turn this into CREATIVITY later on, it will be limited only by time, effort, and skill (partially addressed in step 9).

0. Generally be in good physical condition.
0a. Lift weights (high alignment) and do regular cardio (low pulse), so that 1 mile run 250, squat > 350.
0b. Don’t be physically exhausted. If you have a menial job- tough tits, life sucks.
0c. Generally include the genius staples in your diet: milk, eggs, beef, fish oil, chocolate, and oils from nuts. Maybe some of these don’t help, I dunno.

1. The night before, eat lots of beef for dinner (for mental energy accessible to white matter).
2. Wait a while, then eat a big bowl of ice cream for dessert an hour before bed (for better sleep, keeps the blood sugar high).
3. Sleep well until natural awakening (no alarm), following proper sleep hygiene (orange glasses, fairy tale reading, sex or masturbation, etc.).
4. Ingest around 200 mg of caffeine. Wait half an hour for this to kick in.
5. Take a hot shower (on the edge of uncomfortably hot) for 20-30 minutes with the lights off. Sit down or lay down, let the hot water relax your muscles as your pupils dilate.

6. Let your mind wander. Don’t try to force it to come up with answers to particular questions- you’re the student, and your subconscious mind is the master. Just listen and it will teach you seemingly random things that it considers the most important at the time.
7. Every now and then briefly stop and summarize the topics you’ve covered in your mind. Use the method of loci to remember these so you can summarize them in writing afterward. This is the best way and you will get better at it.
8. Get out of the shower, dry off, and write down all of the insights-as-loci on paper. This formalizes your intuitions within your conscious mind, allowing your unconscious mind to turn them into discernment. (This teamwork also encourages future communication between brain areas, which are otherwise in constant competition. It also facilitates building abstractions atop one another.)
9. Every now and then, expand one of these ideas consciously in the form of a Montaigne-style essay (do this pseudo-intellectual part in a cold, well-lighted area). This extra effort fleshes out a lot of details that would otherwise be forgotten and lost, and reconfigures your brain to prioritize these shower sessions to act as a dependable pressure valve on subconscious wandering. During these sessions, you will have much higher lateral thinking, and much higher focus otherwise (during ordinary life).

10. Repeat. The more you do this, the better you will get at it. Eventually, your conscious mind may be able to work in concert with your subconscious mind so that you are effectively lucid daydreaming.

(Aside: I’ve added two more risk factors for lateral thinking, social isolation and pupil dilation.)

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1 Response to Genius algorithm 1.0

  1. lflick says:

    A+ would someday try to implement

    perhaps by going to sleep at 1500 I could wake up early enough to do such a thing

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