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Why “What can’t continue, won’t”, but actually does continue for way longer than you’d think it ought to

It is related to behaviorisms via a common phenomenon I call “passive denial”. Have you ever been trying to merge into traffic where someone could let you in, if they were a nice and good person, but they just stare … Continue reading

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R selects for white matter, K selects for gray matter (the quick explanation)

Women are the proto R-selected human species. Women use white matter to navigate social systems. Men are the proto k-selected human species. They use gray matter to navigate the natural world. Now then, on to random blather. Females and males … Continue reading

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Reblog: Tetlock on the science of forecasting

I don’t know how to reblog properly and I refuse to learn because get off my lawn. Here is a gul-durned link. You kids can keep your fancy web 5.0, back in my day we typed out our links in … Continue reading

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Redux: Most people aren’t processing most of the environment most of the time

That’s the tl;dr version of the recent theory. We’ll see how well it holds up. I didn’t understand your last two paragraphs, which seem to contradict themselves. You’re saying normals are using their idle process either 1) swamped under an … Continue reading

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Flicky recently raised a question: Most people spend most of their time experiencing phantasmical projections created by their minds, and most of those don’t even have a whole lot to do with whatever is physically going on around them. Right? … Continue reading

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System 3: Thinking *very* slow (intuitions -> discernment)

Discernment comes from the ability to recognize complex patterns and forms. Complex forms aren’t instinctual, but they are recognized using the same hardware and mental process as instinctive forms. Examples of complex forms: -Ponzi scheme -Prisoner’s dilemma –Hipster coffee shop … Continue reading

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Disambiguating human r/k vs. dysgenics, temperate climate vs. agriculture

As I see it, there are two primary variables which control the way humans evolve: climate and agriculture. One has purely natural causes, one is purely social because humans are social/political animals. Even Heartiste is now picking up on the … Continue reading

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