Disambiguating encephalization quotient (EQ) and cranial volume vs. IQ correlations

Don’t get too excited, they are both important. This is pure Aeoli theory talk, but it will also seem uncharacteristically sensible.

The basic idea of EQ is that big brains don’t predict general intelligence because some axons are much bigger than others. For example, giant squids have a giant axon that is 1 mm in diameter and very long, adding up to lots of volume, but they aren’t very smart. It is unlikely we will begin engaging them in rational symbolic discourse in the near future. Incidentally, they are actually chopping up these axons (from jellyfish) and putting them in pills as memory aids for old people.

Seems intuitive that the best diet for building and repairing white matter is to eat white matter, like eating animal muscles for building muscles.

When it comes to abstract computation, what matters is how many axons there are in the white matter network. So if we know the average axon size and the volume, we can compute the number of axons. While it does seem to matter whether axons are specialized (some are located in the amygdala and specifically do emotional calculations) or more general-purpose, it also seems to be the case that this matters less as the number gets larger. The existence of creative flow or “holistic thinking” which engages all of the white matter network at a consistent activation level (all blue, for instance) suggests that even specialized axons can be used for abstract computation.

Therefore, in the rational animals (man) we are only concerned with the number of axons because “rational animals” presumes the number is already very high. So the estimation of rational intelligence from number of axons calculated from volume and average size is expected to be accurate.

Now we have to figure out a way to estimate average axon size. This is why I talk about comparably graceful fine motor skills indicating similar volume~IQ correlation strata. Graceful movement indicates fine motor control rather than gross motor control, which suggests many smaller nerves rather than a few big ones (as in the giant squid). But graceful movement = IQ is not a good estimator because it isn’t well understood or objective at this point, but it is excellent for explaining that both volume and EQ matter.

If we could quantify a general factor of fine motor control and gracefulness and call it F, then classes of rational organisms with the same F would fit much better on a simple linear regression of IQ and V (intuition suggests a correlation north of 0.5, maybe 0.7 or so).

More to the point, I am suggesting that F*V = verbal IQ.

Except for all that nonsense I talk about gray matter contributing to verbal if properly accessed by white matter, of course. Why does everything have to be so complicated?


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11 Responses to Disambiguating encephalization quotient (EQ) and cranial volume vs. IQ correlations

  1. Nottuh says:

    Do you think that the number of axons in one’s White matter volume may also impact how well one deals with nonverbal problems such as Raven’s Progressive Matrices?

    Perhaps having a larger proportion of white matter axons relative to one’s total white matter network will increase fluid intelligence at the expense of more specialized abilities.

    I say this because one would expect neotenous folks to have a more general purpose brain, as they have underdeveloped phenotypes/lack of specialization in general. Also, neotenous folks tend to do well on fluid intelligence tests in both verbal and non-verbal forms (Raven’s, Similiarities [Part of Weschler]).

    Just something that crossed my mind.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Yes, I agree. Keeping in mind that my model assumes 130 IQ is achieved simply by healthy white matter growth, we must assume that RPM is highly influenced by white matter count.

  2. Heaviside says:

    visuo-spatial = long-term memory
    verbal = short-term memory

  3. ahumblebum says:

    Tex put me on to this, cheers mate.

    This made it pretty clear why I’ve grownup strong, bar the carbs my diet is pretty much like the one you need in this link below. I drop carbs and that 5 kg of fat and toxins (yes it’s in the fat cells) comes off,and I’m left with skinny muscle memory… with ultra good immune system.


    My diet is half traditional British meat and veg, with the Mediterranean style and cooking thrown in, olive oil… Can’t go wrong with 5-7 veges, 2 fruit and 2 serves of meat a day. When I was at my peak I was eating 5 meat meals a day, from 21 to 22 years I grew an extra inch in a year from that diet. Thanks Army…

    Another tip aspartame stops gcmaf activity in it’s tracks, it’s every where,pills, soft drink, gum ect…

    Maybe this will help Koniac.

    Oh yeah, say “Probitotics, probiotics, probiotics.”

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Somehow, something fell into place while I was reading this. Autism is an autoimmune disorder caused by hominid species mixing!

      The immune system of one species doesn’t recognize the brain of the other and attacks it. More to the point, it attacks something in the chain of chemical reactions leading to the production of axons, causing them to fall into disrepair or not develop at all.

      So now that I’ve spotted the elephant, the rest is details. Nice!

  4. ahumblebum says:

    Forgot to mention, this diet would also be beneficial to neuron development, particularly the Myelin sheath.

    A cure to Autism perhaps. I pretty much found my diet when studying my diploma at tafe when I read the composition of a cell membrane being 60% lipids and 40% protein, so I’ve studied and known the roles of fats in diet for a long time.

  5. I used to be able to find good info from your articles.

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