Hypothesis: Diversity + Proximity = Less genetic variation in homogeneous groups

Suppose we look at two very similar cities, one populated by whites and one populated by whites, blacks, and Mexicans. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the heights of the white people in the diverse city were more closely huddled around the white mean?

Here’s how I figure: in diverse areas, people are more likely to behave according to their ethnic stereotypes because this conformity is policed by their tribal in-group. Every tribe is a little bit on edge because at any moment one of the races might get the upper hand and drive the others out. So it’s important to everyone to make sure their fellow ethnics immediately know which side they’re on when the chips are down, with no hesitations. Therefore less deviation in personality is allowed because in the main behavioral conformity shows strong emotional investment in one’s identity and therefore greater loyalty. So the behavior policing is just loyalty compliance testing.

Well, we don’t understand very well what effect the environment can have on genes either at conception or epigenetically during development. But if it has any at all, wouldn’t we expect this particular environment to cause less varied genetic expression? Like I said, that would be very interesting. Presuming reasonable nutrition, height would be a good proxy test for that.

One problem with this is that ethnic tension doesn’t show up as much when the economy is doing well and everybody’s fat and happy. But when times are tough there’s a lot more resentment and tension- and this is also when we’d expect people not to be eating as well.

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6 Responses to Hypothesis: Diversity + Proximity = Less genetic variation in homogeneous groups

  1. Edenist whackjob says:

    “In laboratory experiments, the researchers showed that spiders exposed to the same group day after day developed stronger and more distinctive personalities than those that were shifted from one set of spiders to the next. Moreover, the spiders in a stable social setting grew ever less like one another over time.”

    Edenist Whackjob Wacky Tangent of the Day: Antero Alli, who built upon the systems of Leary and RAW, says that the higher four circuit are mirrors of the first four ones. Ie if you want to activate Charisma and Bliss (Circuit V – Neurosomatic) you must first be Safe and Comfortable (Circuit I – Biosurvival). Circuit I is all about moving away from or moving toward. Contracting or expanding. Shutting the hatch or putting on a grand play. Experiment: give opiates to spiders and see if they get more quirky.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I might have to get over my fear of spiders. There isn’t a lot of room for computation in those tiny little heads, so I’d expect all of this game theoretic stuff to be hardwired in there. If that is the case, then we might be able to identify one of the primary processors I’m expecting we’ll find in each of the major lobes in humans.

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