Demon possession dream

Here are some preliminaries for context. People with more knowledge or experience may know what’s relevant.

I had recently read Owl’s dream with a demon encounter, so it could have just been my imagination playing with that. Something similar happened a couple days after reading this one, where I realized I’d been in one place talking to the same two girls for a bit longer than I was comfortable with. Also, I had just pulled a “sorta” all-nighter where I slept a couple of hours, 4:30 to 7:00, then popped a caffeine pill before returning to sleep for the added bonus of a half-hour power nap while the caffeine kicked in. (If you’re interested in sleep hacks, that’s the optimal way to finish an all-nighter: caffeine power nap.) It’s unsavory to mention, but I masturbated to speed up the process of getting back to sleep. This dream would have occurred at the point when the caffeine was waking me back up.

I was lying in bed, and looked over at my computer monitor. I saw a live video feed of the woods out back, and this view began panning toward the house. At some point I ceased to be looking at the monitor and the view became my own, so that I was above the ground and drifting from the woods toward the house. There were a couple of toddlers playing outside, and because I sensed that this dream was the psychotic sort, I wondered whether anything horrible would happen to them. I imagined one possible scenario, but this didn’t cause it to play out in the dream. (Which you’re aware is usually what happens- so I was actually imagining in a separate mental pocket from the dream itself. Curious.) So nothing happened, and I drifted up toward the upstairs window that looks into my room.

In the window I saw a woman in loose black clothes. She was plain-looking and unremarkable, and I didn’t get any strong vibes of personality off of her at all. My only impression is that she was a young, unimportant spirit waiting for something. But it scared me that she was in there next to my bed with my body still in it. So I raced back into my body.

Now I’m lying in bed, still in the dream, but now it’s the sort of dream where you think you just woke up in bed. I’m having trouble moving my limbs, but I manage to look over to the window to see if the woman is there. I don’t see her, but I can still feel her presence very strongly, and that’s the only part of the dream where I was very scared. Immediately she tries to jump into my body and I see a sort of wavy, translucent projection of her body over mine.

I can’t find any pictures to illustrate this so I’ll just describe it: her chest was maybe an inch or two above mine lying down, so it was like her transparent body was mostly inside of mine and trying to push through the remaining couple of inches so that she and I are occupying the same physical space. During this I hear a ululating sound that is half her deepish female voice and half static, and I say “ululating” because it was vibrating as if somebody was saying that word- “ululate”- over and over very fast.

Now, even in the dream I realize I’m so completely out of my element that there is nothing left for me but to pray. I don’t know anything about spirits or any of this stuff, and I don’t sense that there’s any way for me to push back with my willpower or something. Whatever weird process this lady is going through feels very mechanical, if alien, and it seems like even if she isn’t powerful it’s just a matter of time before she gets in.

So I fall back on faith completely and pray “Jesus, I know you’ll take care of everything because you always do.” This is the only part of the dream with any words in it. I meditate on a vision of the cross and just wait for the cavalry and salvation.

A tangent here: I think this is one reason why it’s so important Jesus died on the cross. It always seemed like a very weird way to forgive sins- why would an almighty God go through all this trouble? Why not just say “forgiven” and be done with it? Well, let me tell you that when things get weird, and by weird I mean maybe-even-demonic-possession weird, it is extremely comforting to know that whatever the bizarre logic was, it is clear that Jesus cares enough to go to all that trouble. If he’ll do that, then there’s no way he’ll give up what he paid for over a relatively small inconvenience like casting out a minor spirit.

So I’m lying in bed just waiting and meditating on the cross, figuring that whatever actually happens at least Jesus cares about me and everything else will work itself out. And after about five seconds I feel something change. The intrusion has stopped and the woman’s spirit feels weak. I give a small push like when you want to wake up from a dream, and she’s immediately gone as if she’d never existed. Sensing this, I wait for a couple of seconds and give another, stronger push and wake up.

Awake, I actually felt a lot of fear wondering if it was just a dream, or something that really happened. I would imagine that you’re supposed to be able to tell, but it felt sort of half-real. So I sat in bed for a while going over the details of the dream so I wouldn’t forget them afterward (using the method of loci, which I highly recommend). While going over it in my head I felt chills over the back of my skull that reminded me of Owl’s link to ASMR (this was the same night I left those comments).

Then I remembered Paul’s admonition that Jesus hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, which reminded me that, real or not, the proper Christian response to powerlessness and Big Scary Weirdness is precisely what I’d done: wait faithfully, pray, and hope. Whereas being scared is offensive to our savior. Kind of like how it is offensively silly to second-guess a highly competent firefighter who is busily trying to save your life, except we’re talking orders of magnitude bigger than a public service professional. Then I wasn’t scared anymore.

So there was a valuable spiritual lesson in all of this, and I gave thanks and praised Jesus and then got up and went about my day with a heightened sense of what is important. All told, it was an uplifting experience.

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13 Responses to Demon possession dream

  1. j says:

    waow! is this the first time something even remotely like this has happened to you?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      It didn’t feel significantly different from other dreams that have troubled me previously, but it is hard to communicate the degrees to which dreams can be troubling.

      So…no? Probably the whole thing was just in my head, but maybe not entirely? It is a weird world out there, but our brains can also be pretty weird without any outside help.

  2. Mycroft Jones says:

    Christianity as reverse amygdala hijack… amygdala fortification?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      It didn’t have the feeling of amygdala hardening, which is where you just get used to the way fear affects you. It was more like seeing someone in your room at night, but then you remember you hung up your jacket in an unusual place.

      We introverts sometimes hijack ourselves on pretty specious grounds though, so probably Christianity provides a break in the feedback loop in some cases.

  3. Edenist whackjob says:

    I can relate.

  4. koanic says:

    Sounds like your barriers were thinned and she made a pass.

    Fuck the Others. Burn.

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  6. Aeoli Pera says:

    That sounds pretty rad actually.

  7. Aeoli Pera says:

    >However, do you think she was actually there or was it your unconcious trying to tell you something through her?

    I’m entirely uncertain, and nobody is more familiar with the immediate impressions than me. So without any general knowledge on the subject I’m stumped.

    >Ive always wanted to find someone to run experiments with this stuff to see if its possible to communicate through dreams with someone else.

    Well, if there has been any good research properly reported with positive results even once in recent memory, there is probably a website in the weirdosphere that links to it. So if you’re really curious I’d start there- it’s a lot easier to discard bad studies than to confirm good ones, and you can find compilations of negative results in any decent library.

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