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Notes on female communication

Here I got busy for a couple of days and forgot I have all these tricks for busting out quick posts. Women are also more inclined than men to see criticism of an idea they have expressed as personal criticism … Continue reading

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Why do foot fetishists agree on the most attractive feet?

So a while I went looking at some foot fetish porn, particularly to see if there are any women who express this oddity. My impression is that foot fetishists are like computer science majors: generally “neurodiverse” and overwhelmingly male. Another … Continue reading

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Wind sprints

I have gotten alarmingly out of shape in the last two months. Usually it is a chore to put on weight, but I’ve grown a layer of fat on my belly that feels like some kind on parasitic alien clinging … Continue reading

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Hypothesis: Diversity + Proximity = Less genetic variation in homogeneous groups

Suppose we look at two very similar cities, one populated by whites and one populated by whites, blacks, and Mexicans. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the heights of the white people in the diverse city were more closely huddled around … Continue reading

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Evopsych is important but it is very limited

Roosh recently decided, after great experience with women of all kinds, that female sexual behavior can’t really be described by evopsych. Because condoms and such. I’ll do ya a way easier proof. Watch and learn, kids. There are people who … Continue reading

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More about Jews

Answering this question as a post because it comes up a lot, and I don’t feel like writing anything else today. How come Jews have slanted heads in the front and supposedly less frontal lobe space and are verbally excellent. … Continue reading

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Repost: How the frontal lobe contributes to IQ

I figure I’ll probably reference this later, which makes no sense if nobody here can read it. Plus, this will remind me to do the parts about integration of major lobes. Most of what we call IQ in the modern … Continue reading

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An intuition is a type of complex instinct

I will use “instinct” according to the first three dictionary definitions here: noun 1. an inborn pattern of activity or tendency to action common to a given biological species. 2. a natural or innate impulse, inclination, or tendency. 3. a … Continue reading

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Aeoli’s super duper cheat sheet for group theory proofis

Okay, you’re in abstract algebra. That’s an upper-level undergraduate math course, and that means you’re hot shit. All those mere mortals struggling through Calculus 3? Pathetic fools and, worse, engineers. It is shameful to think you were once like them, … Continue reading

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Studying physics at the three levels of mathematical reasoning

The previous two posts were groundwork for this one. In order to learn physics at a high level, you have to be able to understand the mathematical objects of each problem at all three levels. Example: A meter stick is … Continue reading

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