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Engineers more likely to be terrorists

For once, the slashdot commentariat are not entirely useless. Perhaps it’s because Reason magazine has not yet informed them of the logical way to interpret this information. (Beep boop. That’s what you sound like.) writes: Henry Farrel writes in … Continue reading

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I’m thankful that I have all the best things in life in abundance: Hot meals, hot showers, shelter, electricity, air conditioning, internet, and the company of friends and family who don’t just tolerate me, but seem to genuinely like me … Continue reading

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A proper genius (also: is there a general factor?)

Genius is a bizarre word, which is apropos because geniuses are bizarre people. I disambiguate “genius” thus: 1. Very high general intelligence (common definition) 2. Precociousness (colloquial definition) 3. Extraordinary but overly specific talent (like virtuoso musicianship a la Paganini … Continue reading

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The anterior cingulate cortex is the seat of judgment

The ACC is the part of the brain we use to pick a narrative (AKA an explanatory theory, a paradigm) and stick to it: The present study explored whether the role of ACC in cost-benefit decisions extends beyond climbing by … Continue reading

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High-functioning *modern* thals tend to be narcissists

Hey internet, been a while. Did you miss me? I missed you. I have a new, big theory coming. The first order of business is to point out that there is not a big, discrete divide between our classic, ultraconservative … Continue reading

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Some million-dollar ideas

It’s been a while since I done did one of these. First one is a vegetarian plushie doll with one of those pull-strings that plays pre-recorded phrases: “I have so much energy now!” “Did you know you can get most … Continue reading

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Get to the point: Testing for abstract discernment

More than anything else, I have noticed that extraordinarily high intelligence is characterized by the ability to sort out important information from distractors. According to my model for post-140 IQ, this indicates discernment- the ability to quickly recognize and categorize … Continue reading

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