Finally, a good analogy!

Deleterious mutations on white matter production is to IQ as fat is to a girl’s sexual market value.

It is impossible for a girl to be better looking than a 5 if she is overweight. Up until the HB5 mark, fat content dominates the analysis. But to score higher than that she needs to have a non-ugly face.

It is impossible for a person to score higher on an IQ test than 130 if they do not have healthy white matter production. Up until that point, white matter dominates the analysis. But to score higher than that, you need healthy production of gray matter.

So high-functioning autistic people are like those girls who would be really hot if they weren’t overweight, and clever sillies are like butterfaces.

Tune in tomorrow for more WISDOM.

Edit: I made a graph. That’s how scientific this is. The bumpiness is from the noise in the DATA, and not because I drew this freehand in MS Paint like some kind of alcoholic retard.


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2 Responses to Finally, a good analogy!

  1. j says:

    to add on: too much fat is bad but a wee bit of chub is sexy. don’t know if that works.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      More like, “a little fat on a wife is okay, and a biologist is okay without superpowered IQ, but a figure skater must be trim and a theoretical physicist needs to be pretty bright”.

      The important thing is you are engaging with the material :-).

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