An argument in favor of Christian identity

“Christian identity” means you believe whites are descended from Israelites, meaning they are God’s favorite. I am not a Christian identitarian or whatever you’d call it- consider me agnostic on the subject.

To date, the strongest argument I know in favor of this theory is the fact that you can’t turn your back on white people for two damn seconds or they’ll be back to worshiping idols that they carved into some trees or some bullshit. They share this trait very strongly with the Israelites I know from reading the Old Testament. In fact, that’s basically every story in the Old Testament if you think about it. Maybe every race is like this, but it does have the same exasperating flavor of STUPID to it when whites do it.

Whereas the Jews of the New Testament are all about Babylonian Death Cult Pharaseeism, which has not changed since then. Probably they picked this up from assimilating into Babylonian culture too well. Old King Nebbie K. Nezzer was a smart dude who knew what he was doing when he took the best and brightest, trained them into bureaucrats, and gave them new names. Oldest trick in the book. Betcha this nigger had a cranium like a watermelon, and no wonder he got along with Daniel a lot better than the court magicians.

If you’re a fringe weirdo ain’t got time to read the rest of the Bible, read the book of Daniel. Takes about half an hour- it’s very short and there’s a lot of melon-on-melon action. Politics, visions, wisdom, a bit of IQ stuff even.


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