Wiki stuff continued

Now then, I believe I had plans to do something constructive despite the simultaneous, concerted efforts of the entire damn world. My work will be freely available, because Western Civilization was a beautiful accomplishment and we aren’t going to build its replacement by selling each other advice like some communities I could mention. That is a different kind of lunacy than the kind I have.

I already mentioned in the comments of the previous post that collaboration would be wonderful, but I’m not expecting it. What I’m expecting is a few useful criticisms, a lot of stupid anklebiting, and (if in fact I manage to build something useful despite poverty and rapidly deteriorating health) a few concerted efforts to destroy it by subversion and/or frontal assault. Perhaps even the occasional contribution from a wallfly- such things have been known to happen and I’m keeping an open mind here.

My inspiration is Linus Torvalds. In the cases of anklebiting and SJW subversion, his example shall serve as a shining beacon of light. Aggression for passive aggression, escalation for rhetoric, dialectic for pseudo-dialectic, and a policy of seven-fold retribution for defection inspired by the iterated prisoner’s dilemma model.

Anyone who wishes to take it in another direction may take some or all of the content and fork it. If you try to package and sell it I will find you and murder you. Hopefully it will occur to you that the money is not worth living in fear, but humans never cease to be stupid in creative new ways. Let’s not bicker and quarrel about “copyright” when the situation is very simple.

If you aren’t sure, ask. I take pride in my approachable manner :-).

Over time, there will probably be mistakes and false positives. This is acceptable. Present your case reasonably, politely, and with intellectual honesty and humility, and we can avoid such misfortunes.

In the case of frontal assault, I will weigh my options according to the situation. It will depend on my subjective valuation of the content under assault. Most likely there will be some murder involved, but the degree of reprisal will be subject to variation and good sense.

For as long as we live in a barbaric society, these guidelines will be enforced by the threat of violence that I will commit personally and ASAP. If, against all odds, we find ourselves living in a proper civilization after this one passes, I may revisit these.


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4 Responses to Wiki stuff continued

  1. Vejiortan says:

    Hey Aeoli. I’m a new guy here (application email was send to koanic a couple of days ago) and I figured now is a fitting time to chime in.
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I find it very insightful. Thanks
    Once I get typed, I would like to contribute to the wiki.
    And I do have synthesized a lot of your,tex’s and koanic’s stuff together with some own ideas into an appropiate and purely psychological System.
    I would like to share that once transmitted from paper to pdf.

    btw: could you give me your email ?

  2. Alex says:

    If you’re really worried about people sabotaging or profiteering from your work, then why would you start yourself off in a position of weakness? White list and vet all contributors and make them sign a copyright transfer agreement, “Copyright © 2015 Aeoli Pera Ltd, All rights reserved” in big red letters. Don’t let bad people fork you over, don’t feed the trolls. Takes two to tango.

  3. Rime says:

    If you’re serious about doing this you might want to start paying attention to Curt Doolittle and Propertarianism.

    • Rime says:

      Also, I have not forgot to reply to your Wiki philosophy post, I’m simply too tired to type it all out at the moment. I will do so sometime tomorrow.

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