Portrait of a megalomaniac

Megalomaniac = narcissist + high IQ

One of these nerds is not like the others.

Notice that although it appears the megalomaniac is bored to tears with the idea of talking shop (when he could be looking at himself in the mirror), it turns out that he is a perfectly competent craftsman*. But he is first and foremost a bro and a “chad”, as I understand the term. So even if he is a nerd underneath he would rather keep that to himself because he is busy being a pussy magnet.

Something that strikes me about this type is that their body language, vocal harmonics, and word choice are exceedingly deliberate and self-conscious. According to his descriptions and the way he acts on camera now (as an old geezer), I’d expect Vox Day would have had mannerisms almost identical to this guy 20 years ago. I believe this comes from the excessive self-consciousness that comes with very high levels of mental energy and therefore willpower.

This is odd because, as a consequence of self-consciousness, high-IQ types generally tend to project less confidence and become more reserved and conservative in manner instead. But megalomaniacs appear to overcome this with aplomb, turning metacognition into salesmanship.

*I don’t know a damn thing about gear so this is actually a big guess.

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12 Responses to Portrait of a megalomaniac

  1. koanic says:

    He paid close attention, just didn’t signal it with gay body language. And his summary was self effacingly brief and efficient. Don’t hate on the MT.

  2. Aeoli Pera says:

    >It could be from the higher T. The other two are skinny fat. (Im guessing Alex is the megalomaniac). He probably wants to move around from the higher T levels.

    I suspect that is the case. But compare his deliberate movements to mine or yours. You and I fidget constantly and shift around in our seats, and I’m usually bouncing one or both legs during conversation or lectures. Whereas other folks manifest this energy as a laser-like focus: watch Bill Whittle some time when he’s listening to someone. He might nod or smile, but otherwise not one muscle twitches.

    This guy turns his extra energy into coolness. Maybe I shouldn’t have spoken dysphemistically because people seem to be getting the impression that I’m criticizing this guy as morally reprehensible or something. I’m not.

  3. Edenist whackjob says:

    I wonder if extreme self-consciousness also has something to do with depersonalization. Ie you become so extremely aware of everything that consciousness and existence themselves become alien and foreboding. Combine this with low dopamine and anxiety and you’re pretty much in perma-ghost mode.

    I’m also a megalomaniac, btw. I’m obviously a nerd, as I successfully work in software, but I sure don’t look like it (except to the trained phrenologist who can tell I don’t have the typical bro-cranium).

    • Edenist whackjob says:

      One thing that Vox successfully does to make his high IQ adaptive is misanthropy. He knows on a gut level that other people are less smart and just less successful and awesome and in general. I have some internal limiter that forbids primal access to this knowledge. As a result, I tend to assume that others mentate like myself, or that there is something wrong with ME. This is often hilarious.

      • Edenist whackjob says:

        Heh, it also leads me to assume that other people are miserable at work because I am. Or that they are simply retarded somehow. When it can very well be that they ARE smart, they just don’t have much of a desire for conquest, nor a broad associative horizon outside of tech. And they may just find 9-to-5 a pleasant maximum of existence, because they like have similar people around, and they don’t have constant intrusive thoughts. And maybe they also have adequate dopamine and have not abandoned consensus reality, so they see the “have another cookie/beer/pizza/soda/etc, engineer” thing as a cool thing, not just a drain of willpower that the overlords enstated to enfeeble us.

      • Edenist whackjob says:

        I guess you could explain it like that I WANT to feel anger (and misanthropy is intellectual anger) but I don’t allow myself to because:

        1) It’s wrong somehow
        2) It will cloud my judgement and I will find out that I am the fool – better to assume I am the fool already
        3) “Be conservative in what you emit and liberal in what you accept” – be stoic toward other’s energies and emit only kindness and helpfulness yourself

        My energy healer says I have a lot of repressed anger, which intuitively feels very true. I wonder if this is some kind of local maximum of ingenopathy, ethics and insight that one reaches?

        (Yes, I know that energy healers are a bit woo, but what kind of broad-horizon psychotic whackjob would I be if I didn’t evaluate alt medicine disciplines for my own benefit?)

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        By his account, this misanthropy was seeded very early on by an ignorant preschool teacher, and then grew in the fertile soil of bullying.

      • Heaviside says:

        If he was a real misanthrope he would be a communist.

  4. Edenist whackjob says:

    “Also Im starting to wonder if Narcissism and Schizophrenia are just opposite ends of a similar spectrum as they both effect the anterior cingulate cortex.”

    What if one has tendencies of both? I have both delusions of grandeur, and delusions in general.

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