Some million-dollar ideas

It’s been a while since I done did one of these.

First one is a vegetarian plushie doll with one of those pull-strings that plays pre-recorded phrases:

“I have so much energy now!”
“Did you know you can get most of your recommended daily protein just from lentils?”
“Oh my Gosh, how fantastic are avocados?”
“Yeah, the doctor says the pill will help but my girlfriend says our relationship is actually more romantic now without the pressure to have sex.”
*Sniff* “Is…is that…bacon?”

Second idea is a movie idea called “Just Fighting”. Two guys walk into a room and one of them says “Who are you?” and the other one says, “Doesn’t matter.” Then they do kung fu on each other for 90 minutes. There can be all sorts of brief cameos by different martial arts guys who just show up out of nowhere in fantastic costumes with different fighting styles.

You have to admit, that’s a better plot than in Ong Bak.

Third idea is more of a ten thousand-dollar idea: a mouse with a scroll wheel that controls the system volume, so you can turn the volume off of ads and popups in less than half of a second.

As usual, those are all free, for I am a benevolent temporary TTyrant.

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Maybe do this later?
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4 Responses to Some million-dollar ideas

  1. ibnnafis says:

    Actually, my mouse has additional side buttons. When I press one of them, I can scroll to control the volume.

  2. Olaus says:

    I am a dualback.
    If that doesn’t bother you; how would I go on about using my hardware the best way possible?
    I am still young, and so my brain still has alot of neuroplasticity.

  3. Russell says:

    “Just Fighting”

    Have you seen “Kung Fury”

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