High-functioning *modern* thals tend to be narcissists

Hey internet, been a while. Did you miss me? I missed you.

I have a new, big theory coming. The first order of business is to point out that there is not a big, discrete divide between our classic, ultraconservative thal archetype and the narcissist. In reality, it is becoming increasingly obvious that it is a continuum from one to the other. Narcissism rises with neanderthal expression with a sharp downward inflection in the region of extreme expression. Take YouTube cartoonist OneyG as the archetypal example:

From this video it seems pretty obvious that despite neoteny this guy fits what we’d describe as TT or TC at Altrugenics (the new Neanderhall). Aside from the extreme en bombe outward flaring of the back of his cranium (the most extreme example I’ve ever seen aside from busts of ancient Greek philosophers), he has the personality trademarks we expect: irreverent humor, straightforwardness, humility, altruism (making tutorial videos and such), and high IQ (of course).

But compare this with an example of his humor, which can be extremely gross to the point of suggesting amygdala dysfunction. Be warned, this really is very gross:

Two major problems arise from this: 1) OneyG is obviously Game-certified and status-aware (most thards will simply accept their spot at the bottom of the group), and 2) in our TT culture where I’m the least anxious guy in the bunch, we simply cannot believe that a fellow TT would have made that video. Like that Miley Cyrus picture, I’m not even happy embedding it on my blog.

There’s still a problem if we exclude this guy. His visual and musical sense of humor is phenomenal:

I laughed my ass off the first time I watched that. According to my theory of abstract humor as masochism via cognitive dissonance, we can’t shove this guy into the “pure narcissism” box either.

I invented the “megalomaniac” category to try explaining this (high-IQ narcissist), which turned out to mostly include MTs. But I’ve created an updated theory of genius which actually explains this as an epiphenomenon. Here are the additional facts which are not explained by the megalomaniac theory:

1) Most thal-looking people are liberal idiots. The more thal-looking the more likely a person is to be a deluded midwit, and this trend only reverses for the most extreme-looking cases.
2) The DRD4-7r gene is more often associated with R-selected idiocy than k-selected conservatism.
3) People with thal heritage actually seem to have a tendency to larger anterior cingulate cortices, rather than smaller.
4) Pathological altruism as status whoring, which predicts success with tribal women (i.e. white women) rather than failure (which is what we observe for the vast majority of geniuses).
5) Early cro magnon-neanderthal hybrids were overwhelmingly geniuses, whereas neanderthals overwhelmingly were not. The forehead matters, but it also spells doom during periods of resource abundance.
6) People with the tendency to high anxiety in the absence of good reasons to feel anxious will invent reasons. This always takes some form of externalization, which matches Anonymous Conservative’s definition.

So take this as my super-official disavowal of the megalomaniac category. It’s not about the size of the ACC, it’s how you use it.

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5 Responses to High-functioning *modern* thals tend to be narcissists

  1. atonthemelon says:

    Super Slumber Party was awful to watch.

  2. Nottuh says:

    I agree with this post. I was definitely a narcissist when younger and probably still am to some degree, though I think I’m slowing growing out of that tendency. Not sure if I should be considered “high functioning”, though. :P

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