My working definition of genius

I believe the psychological phenomenon of genius is a neurochemical addiction to creativity. (More humorously, it can be described as a mental illness that gets a lot of good press because it happens to be useful.)

Recent science reveals that our two instinctive boxes for emotions are correct. There are only two emotional settings: good and bad. “Bad” is anxiety or an increase in anxiety. “Good” is a low level of anxiety or a reduction of anxiety. It feels good to reduce anxiety, hence dopamine rewrites our white matter circuits to repeat behaviors which reduce anxiety. Sometimes this passes an inflection point which leads to addictive behavior, which could be good or bad depending on adaptiveness. Addiction to the approval of family members is generally good, addiction to substances is generally bad.

Genius is generally good but currently bad.

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7 Responses to My working definition of genius

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  2. Edenist whackjob says:

    All cognition is habits, including reason itself. Some habits are bad. A habit can be both, which makes it hard to let go of it (see John Nash’s delusions).

  3. mina801 says:

    Where does anger fit in? I don’t think it’s a function of anxiety, as in:
    Anger = G(x)
    x = Anxiety

    • Edenist whackjob says:

      Anger is when you feel capable of eliminating the threat.

      • mina801 says:

        Let’s say a bigger guy approached you, punched you in the face and walked away. You’ll never see him again unless you approach him yourself. What is more likely to happen out of these 2 situations:
        1. You feel angry, but since he’s bigger and you can’t do anything about it, you just repress the anger and get a little depressed.
        2. You feel anxiety, maybe because the fact that this happened means that similar things can also happen in the future.

        I think #2 is more long term thinking, and #1 is the immediate emotional reaction.

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