How to get along with any roommates

School is over. Posting shall resume, including a retrospective analysis of school-ish stuff.

For now, how to get along with any roommates:

1) Be around as little as possible (if they don’t comment on it when they see you, you haven’t absent often enough)
2) Do the dishes as often as possible. Before bed, when you get up, whatever works (preferably while others are out or asleep so they don’t see you).

Experienced roommates can verify that this is the most perfect, concise formula ever created. It’s so easy even an autistic caveman could do it.

Edit: It is fascinating to see the search terms that bring people to da blergh. Today’s winner is “starvation fetish”, which turns out to be exactly what it sounds like.


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4 Responses to How to get along with any roommates

  1. mina801 says:

    Why did you let them use your dishes?

  2. Lazer says:

    This is why I cant live with most people. Zen monks wash their own bowls. You are an adult do it yourself. Egos are powerfully things my friend. Sapiens expect us to mind our own, he can mind his.

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