Common denominator government

This thought is inspired by the observation that the idea of the inquisition, as an institution, appears to be yet another genetic memory written so deeply in the natural state of man that he cannot even question its existence, much less oppose it. Sometimes it’s called the secret police, but the institutional apparatus is the same. The idea of allowing common people to own military equipment is completely unthinkable to the average homo sapiens. Yet the secret police are so hardwired into his brain that it is a common trope on daytime TV. “We’re taking over this investigation.” *Pulls badge, bumbling local cop goes pale with fear*

It occurred to me that I don’t even have the vocabulary to express this properly. We already have the Hobbesian idea of man’s natural state: “No arts; no letters; no society; and which is worst of all, continual fear, and danger of violent death: and the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.” But what we don’t have is vocabulary for the idea that, given the choice, this same natural man always chooses to be ruled by the same totalitarian Leviathan whose boot was stomping on his face yesterday. If tens of billions of humans, given half the chance, consistently regress to this same form of social organization, is this not more deserving of the title “the natural state of man”?

Thus the term “common denominator government” specifically refers to the government natural man deserves and craves. A born slave longs for his master.

The features of this government can be seen best in the longest-lasting governments in history (Egypt, India, China, Rome). Here is a starting list of common features:

God-king worship (you have to admit these posters worked like magic)
Social organization via religious caste system
Agricultural feudalism
Slavery-based economy (supply relying primarily on war)
Technocratic civil service
Corrupt local officials
Secret police
Constant state of war
Incompetent, unmotivated bureaucratic response to plague, famine, and natural disasters

…and for some reason, you can never drink the water. You can learn everything you need to know about a city from a glass of tap water.

Make your own observations, it’s fun! Anyway, we should stop acting surprised when normal people prefer tyranny. That’s what we should expect! It’s when they don’t that we need to stop, take a closer look, and maybe learn something useful. Humans need to be indoctrinated out of slavery, because absent from other influences that’s their default mode.

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16 Responses to Common denominator government

  1. Edenist whackjob says:

    “This thought is inspired by the observation that the idea of the inquisition, as an institution, appears to be yet another genetic memory written so deeply in the natural state of man that he cannot even question its existence, much less oppose it.”

    The inquisition is the reified embodiment of Right-think. Just as that thing floating around in the air called Political Correctness is real to the middle classes, physical flesh and blood persons need to be brought in to make dogma real to the lower classes.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Ah, brilliant. I believe this can be made more accurate by describing Political Correctness as a mental abstraction of the inquisition. Sort of like how the panopticon may not be watching…but it could be watching.

      Nice middle class life you have there, it would be a pity if anything were to happen to it.

  2. Edenist whackjob says:

    Being a slave means the following:

    -No need for thought outside your immediate circle of concern. Ie all decisions you DO make are actually relevant.
    -No doubt about where to get food and security.
    -An established order for how to get happiness and recognition. Be a good boy and get your reward. Also, most people need a social context for rewards to make sense, because they are not motivated by the reward in itself.

    It’s just more energy-efficient and less risk. A local maximum.

    Even today, in the West, where being a slave is not mandated by law, people still choose it. Less thought, less survival anxiety, less reward-confusion.

  3. Heaviside says:

    Secret police are always the ones who go furthest into the occult and research into secret weapons. The CIA, the KGB, and the SS all did it. The CIA didn’t seem to be that interested in until the first evidence of Soviet psychotronics began to appear, and the KGB didn’t seem to do much until after they recovered archives from the SS on experiments on the effect of microwaves on the human body(Unfortunately as far as I know this information is only available from the Russian language publishing house “Algorithm”). However, the Russian communist research on these kinds of topics goes as far back as the Petrograd Soviet, where an expedition to Tibet was undertaken by members of the Cheka, long before the Ahnenerbe, to discover in esoteric Buddhism the secret to creating perfect communist human beings.

    Maybe it should not surprise people that there is finally a communist angle to Tibetan occultism given that it is a magnet for all sorts of weird people, like Asahara Shoko and Miguel Serrano:

    That Western liberals still think highly of the lamas just shows how clueless they are.

    The Kempeitai, of course, also did all of these things which I have shown to be so characteristic of secret police forces. They were behind the biological and nuclear research that took place in Manchuria, which is rather for the Kwantung army like a much larger version of what the protectorate in Bohemia was for the SS. It really makes one wonder why Kishi’s meeting with Eisenhower provided such a boost to the Japanese economy*.

    That was all just a digression. What I don’t like about this primordial archetype of the secret police that people have in their heads is that everybody has a space in their mind for the possibility of “weird stuff that the government hides from us.” What do people think the government might be hiding from us? Well, since respectable people don’t take this topic seriously their unconscious notions on this subject are received from unserious media, movies usually.

    The government directly propagandizes people with movies that inculcate in them this notion that the government really has everything figured out and that if it is keeping secrets from you, those secrets are about ayy-lee-unz, because that’s the only thing that the government could ever possibly want to keep secret, since obviously it has never been involved in any catastrophic fuckups, that’s just inconceivable.

    They just love it that they have implanted this notion in the public consciousness that they could only be defeated by ayy-lmaos and not anything terrestrial. It was a brilliant propaganda coup.

    People seem to have some sort of inexplicable inborn fixation that their rulers are in contact with/secretly aliens. I personally would sooner chalk up inexplicable visitation experiences to the Virgin Mary having a bad hair day than little green men in very fast tin cans.

    The average American would much rather believe that extraterrestrial ayy-lmaos got into a fender-bender above New Mexico in 1947 than believe that “enemy aliens” had been able to bomb the United States and there was nothing the Army could do to stop them.


    Anti-aircraft batteries protecting airplane factories and oil depots in the Los Angeles metropolitan district directed barrage after barrage in the pre-dawn darkness today against planes which late in the afternoon were still unidentified.”
    “Another report, discounted by some officials along with some of the others, was that gunfire had destroyed a big floating bag resembling a balloon high in the air.” —

    Anti-aircraft batteries which poured hundreds of rounds of shells at unidentified planes in the night sky above Los Angeles yesterday received official commendation today from Lieut. Gen. John L. De Witt, Western defense commander, for their “readiness to meet possible enemy action.”
    General De Witt sent a grateful message from his headquarters at the Presidio, while Southern California resounded with demands from civilian officials that the Army and Navy locate “secret bases” from which the hostile aircraft squadron might have made a reconnaissance flight over important defense plants in the Los Angeles area.
    While that section of the Coast reacted to conflicting statements by Secretary Know and secretary Stimson as to “the reality” of the raid, federal agents on several parts of the Coast made new raids on Japanese colonies, seizing contraband and taking into custody at least one former Japanese Army officer and a leader of the Japanese Association of America.
    Ousting of More Aliens Weighed
    Military authorities at the Presidio were completing new orders to oust enemy aliens from additional strategic areas and to make it possible to send American-born Japanese out of the Coast “combat zone.”” —

    The more the whole incident of the early morning of Feb. 25 in the Los Angeles district is examined, the more incredible it becomes. First reports were that “a big floating object resembling a balloon” was seen in the sky and fired upon. Another report is that one plane was seen; still another that it was “twenty-seven” planes; still another that it was “hundreds.”” —

    “Japanese Revive Warning
    Japanese propagandists marked the eve of the first anniversary of the raid on Tokyo by reviving for the outside world, with significant alterations, a four-day-old speech in which a high military official warned that Japan must stage continuous air raids on the United States to defeat the Americans, “who are stubborn and like to fight.”
    The Office of War Information said yesterday that the Tokyo radio had presented export versions of the speech by Major-Gen. Kenryo Sato, chief of the Military Affairs Bureau of the War Ministry, that suggested, by implication, that the United States stop sending planes to the Pacific war zone but keep them at home as a defense against the promised Japanese air raids.
    General Sato’s speech, as broadcast to the Japanese people four days ago, cautioned that it would take “some time” to prepare for such bombing expeditions. But in the broadcast to the outside world, General Sato was quoted as having said that the only obstacle — “the wide span of the are between Japan and America” — had already been solved “technically” and that before long Japanese, German and Italian planes would attack.” —

    “Japan Says Balloons With Pilots Will Bomb U.S. in Near Future
    Domei, Japanese news agency, said yesterday that Lieut. Col. Shozo Nakajima, chief propaganda spokesman of the Japanese armed forces in the southern regions, had predicted at a press conference that the United States mainland would be attacked by “bomb-carrying stratosphere balloons manned by death-defying Japanese pilots.”
    Domei said that Colonel Nakajima had referred to the pilotless balloon bombs already launched against the United States and added:
    “The spokesman pointed out that thus far these attacks have been on an experimental scale, and he predicted that when actual results of the experiment have been obtained large-scale attacks with death-defying manning the balloons will be launched.””
    “Colonel Nakajima claimed, according to Domei, that the balloon bombs had a ceiling of over “15,000 meters (49,200 feet)–far beyond the reach of enemy interceptors–and take just over 100 hours to reach the United States.” —

    Two videos demonstrating the deployment of fixed-wing aircraft from lighter-than-air aircraft:

    It is worth noting that D-SEND was dropped from an altitude almost 50% higher than the service ceiling of a U-2 — obviously no piston engine aircraft would have been able to intercept weapons delivered in this fashion.

    The real problem is not the “Secret Police State,” it’s the one that right in front of our faces. Why would you worry about the hypothetical possibility of “FEMA camps” in the future when the U.S. actually did put people into concentration camps during WWII, and that is still considered legal to this day! Look at the August 15th 1945 issue of the New York Times, and you will see that next to an article titled “EISENHOWER PRAISES U.S. PRESS FREEDOM,” on the very same fucking page, there is an article on the operations of the O.W.I.! Americans are apparently completely immune to the effects of cognitive dissonance. I do not worry about the creation of a totalitarian police state, because the American people absolutely deserve it!

    Or take a gander at the December 26th, 1977, issue of the NYT, and you will find that the CIA deliberately suppressed criticism of the Warren Commission Report. If America’s elites did not know that the American people are the most gullible morons on the planet, they would not let stuff like this get past the censors!

    Patriotards will rant and rave about the “NWO” and then completely forget everything Wilson and Wilkie and Roosevelt said about their efforts to create just such an “NWO”! They still want to believe that Dubya Dubya 2 was the “Good War” fought by “the Greatest Generation,” ignoring that all of the alphabet soup agencies which constitute our current police state were created to prosecute that war. The Army will not protect you from the NWO, the Army IS the NWO. The only solution is to shut down everything — the DoD, the CIA, the NSA, the ONI, the Marine Corps — everything.


    “They stressed the role which increasingly must be played by the industrialized nations of the free world in assisting the progress of the less developed areas. The President particularly referred to the increasing role the Japanese people are playing in the economic development of free Asia.

    In considering economic relations between the United States and Japan, the President and the Prime Minister recognized that trade between their two nations is of great benefit to both countries, noting that the United States is the largest purchaser of Japanese exports, and Japan is the second largest buyer of American goods. They expressed gratification at the growth of mutually profitable trade between the two countries. They reaffirmed their conviction that the continued and orderly expansion of world trade, through the avoidance of arbitrary and new unnecessary trade restrictions, and through active measures to remove existing obstacles, is essential to the well-being and progress of both countries.

    The Prime Minister stressed the importance of the United States and Japan consulting on a continuing basis with regard to economic matters of mutual interest. The President expressed full agreement to this view. “

  4. Heaviside says:

    I just spent an hour writing a comment, please tell me the system didn’t eat it.

  5. Heaviside says:

    Technically speaking, tenshi is your god-emperor, not Barry Soetoro.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I decided about six months ago that you aren’t running with this idea for fun or profit. If that is true then you believe it. If that is true, then it is far more likely than FDR’s version of events. This would require a gestalt shift rivaling that of neanderthal theory.

      So I’ll just ask. Speaking plainly and realistically, do you believe Japan won WWII?

      • Heaviside says:

        I believe that it explains so many things that lack explanation otherwise, that there must be substantial truth to it. I don’t think it sounds nearly as crazy to Japanese people as it does to Americans.

        The comment you’re responding to doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with that, though, just the concept of “tien-hsia”.

      • Justabum says:

        Grandfather told me when I was a wee boy, the Japanese have won, as they swore to win economically after the war.

        Economically/demographically they’ve won as a people. Good for them.

        Japan is more worried about the ancient enemy the Chinese and the Jew.

  6. Justabum says:

    The bureaucracy is the current common denominator. It’s better not to point out it’s faults, as it will destroy itself. The ridiculous ideology they hold so dear to their hearts will give them a heart attack, when they see it has betrayed the vision they wish to make reality.

    It’s ridiculous really 4th gen warfare will ultimately Trump the incompetent 5th gen warfare technocrats. 50 cents worth of fencing wire can defeat the many billions spent on this rubbish, which could be accomplished by teenage school boys, who think they were just participating in a joke.

    It would be ironic if Trump wins and is able to turn this technology against the crazy far leftists. If he loses by any means fraud or not, I can see the collapse coming sooner rather then latter…

    Read this whole article, I agree the the old Chinese model of the soviet is here, till it eats itself. Of course we can help feed the tail of the snake to the head, by our own influence.

    “So what Americans are facing here, these are bureaucrats making rules,” Whitehead said. “Congress is not voting on it. There is no representative government going on here. This is autocratic rule by oligarchy.”

    Based on President Obama’s comments and the actions of his administration, Whitehead said he can only guess who will get slapped with the “extremist” label. It won’t be Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, who recently implored his followers to “stalk and kill” those white cops who have killed black suspects.

    ‘Be careful what you say on Facebook’

    “Anybody with a gun now, in my opinion, is an extremist, at least as viewed by this government,” Whitehead said. “You’re going to be watched. Be careful what you say on Facebook. The wrong kind of joke will put you on the extremist list, because the government agents – I will tell you this – they do not have a sense of humor.”

    Whitehead said Google’s latest multi-million dollar contract from the National Security Agency is telling. Facebook is also used by the government.

    “Everything is shared. There’s nothing that disappears. Everything goes into the cloud. The police agencies will say they only keep data for a year or six months, but it’s always there,” he said.

    He said Obama has pumped more than $100 million into the federal “smart cities” program, which will be run by advanced fusion centers or real-time crime centers.

    “Once you enter a smart city, all your data will be downloaded from your cell phone without you knowing it. Facial recognition software-scanners will scan your face,” he said. “The big corporations all want this, and some banks are starting to use that already. So everything about you will be known. There will be no privacy left. You add to that drones and what they can do. Man, we live in an algorithm universe. We’re all data bits now.”


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