SJWs always double down, part II

It’s not that we can’t, it’s that we don’t want to because robots and hoverboards are so 1955. Nerds though, nerds are cool now. It’s all in the glasses- what kind of lame-o wants a robot anyway?

Maybe it’s because we don’t use slide rules anymore. Someone tell the Common Core guy.

Fun fact: a teacher in the greater Detroit area told me that part of their school’s new math program is to include the answers in a link next to the questions. Students are graded solely on whether their work is complete.

You have to admit it’s an elegant solution to a sensitive problem.

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15 Responses to SJWs always double down, part II

  1. Heaviside says:

    Moon Colony –> Hitler won’t let me in.

  2. j says:

    the stupidity is infinite.

  3. Pellegri says:

    I’m looking forward to self-driving cars because someone’s going to use certain properties of neural networks to get their passengers killed and crush Google.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I don’t think anyone high-functioning hates Google enough to follow through on that. Nerds tend to pacifism.

      • Pellegri says:

        I can think of one individual of my math-major acquaintance who might do it, but he’s a weird case. So you’re likely correct there.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          It only takes one. The Unabomber was also a math guy. And even though Grothendieck was a pacifist, he showed remarkable comfort with violence by giving math lectures in Hanoi while it was being bombed.

          Sorry, apparently I’m flopping back and forth just to be disagreeable.

      • Pellegri says:

        Ha! And I weakened my original response to be agreeable, but kept running the idea through my head as a kind of challenge–do I know nerds who might do this? What would it take to push one over?

        Now I’ve gotta read more about the Unabomber and Grothendieck.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Thank you for the article. I imagine that this will someday be extremely important for camouflage manufacturers. A false positive can be more useful than a false negative.

  4. jack arcalon says:

    Once again plugging my favorite theory here that in the film Back to the Future II they actually had Harry Potter-level magic (weather changing, potential eternal life, gravity control, objects made of light, etc), but they disguised it as technology so the people wouldn’t freak out.

    The scary part is how many viewers today, including seemingly respected futurists, don’t realize we aren’t even a nanometer closer to achieving any of those things than when the film first came out in 1990.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I haven’t seen that one. The fact that futurists are technically incompetent simply illustrates the fact that the people who successfully get into science now are strivers, not dreamers.

  5. BGS says:

    Common Core…Students are graded solely on whether their work is complete.

    The problem is they are using 30 steps for a problem that Asians and whites could easily do in their heads. By teaching math like they do in Haiti they are trying to bring Asians and whites down, if they actually believed in equality they would have copied how Germany/Japan taught math. I have seen a simple math problem that kids should be able to do in their head that had over 100 steps, AKA points of failure.

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