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How to understand normal people

Click on every ad you see. Search your heart, you know this to be true. I’m unusually drunk so you know this is a good one. That’s all. More when finals are over.

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On trannies

That’s probably the first convincing tranny I’ve ever seen. When they caught up with him later I thought it was his mother and the reveal was shocking. The younger version wasn’t convincing though. Trannies are an interesting bunch. Steve Sailer … Continue reading

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Ainan Cawley, genius, entirely shunned in the West

I found this comment by “Syahidah and Valentine” while rereading an old Bruce Charlton post on the modern hostility to genius. You often opine that there are no major modern geniuses left. I would agree that there may be few … Continue reading

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Negative affectivity: The anterior cingulate cortex is the key to unlocking genius

Basic idea: The anterior cingulate cortex has at least two modes. The function of the ACC, in Aeolitalk, is to observe possible narratives crafted by the subconscious, and choose the one that downregulates the amygdala the most. In the typical … Continue reading

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My working definition of genius

I believe the psychological phenomenon of genius is a neurochemical addiction to creativity. (More humorously, it can be described as a mental illness that gets a lot of good press because it happens to be useful.) Recent science reveals that … Continue reading

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Basic observations on demographics of Putnam fellows

I was checking out the names of the Putnam Competition fellows, found here: (The Putnam competition is an extremely difficult math competition for undergraduate math students. The median score is typically zero.) Here are some observations: 1. There are … Continue reading

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Article repost- Effects of increasing Muslim population

I wouldn’t typically blockquote an entire article but the Examiner website is an absolute basketcase that nearly crashed my computer. If you’ve got a really nice computer please give them a click. H/T Heartiste: What happens to society’s as the … Continue reading

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Change of opinion: San Bernardino was probably real terrorism

Terrorism is too psychopathic for anyone except elites. Ordinary people generally aren’t calculating enough and calculating people often are too comfortable or lack the required powers of observation (or both). Heartiste posted this pic and said it was the female … Continue reading

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Things are better today (Putnam competition)

I don’t know if it’s the walking, the fish oil, the junk food, or what. Frankly, I don’t understand much of anything anymore. I sat the Putnam exam yesterday. That’s the correct way to put it too, because I didn’t … Continue reading

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Splitting may actually be a corpus callosum thing

Ref: Splitting. Either I have attributed splitting to the deepsock/occ divide mistakenly, or I am experiencing a different sort of dysfunction this semester. Here is why: For the last couple of weeks, my face has felt very strange, as if … Continue reading

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