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Three high-IQ cognitive modes

The first mode is “intuition”, or “concrete intuition” in Aeolitalk. It is a two-step process of starting from the answer, then applying counterfactual simulation to fill in the details. Counterfactual Simulation is applied imagination: consciously asking a “what if” question, … Continue reading

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Statements on my “attitude” of rationalism

Edenist Whackjob responds to ESR’s post killing the Buddha. “Sanity is measured by the ability to recognize evidence that your beliefs are wrong, and to detach yourself from them in order to form improved beliefs that conform to reality and … Continue reading

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Abstract intuition requires synesthesia

The difference between concrete intuition (or complex instincts) and abstract intuition is something I’ve alluded to in the past. What I have, personally, is an unusual level of concrete intuition. For example, I was walking home last night and, without … Continue reading

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When to white knight

It’s a confusing day and age to be a young man. You can’t even say anymore, categorically, that you never hit a woman under any circumstance. PA makes the social contract explicit in the case of white knighting, which is … Continue reading

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New page up

Please note the “Aeolitalk” tab. This page will expand as I read back through my old posts.

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The breakdown of habit chains during transition periods

Let’s review. Who you are is defined by what you do. What you do is what you do every day. What you do every day is your routine. Your routine is a loose configuration of habit chains. A habit chain … Continue reading

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Emotional response unter alles

This is one of those things I figured out years ago, and afterward thought it went without saying because solipsism. I’m more and more starting to think that the limbic system mode we’re running on – whether we’re male/female, intro/extro, … Continue reading

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