Sometimes I wonder

If things had been different, and I weren’t a subconsciously self-sabotaging moral coward, and life weren’t all about finding common ground with an endless procession of petty utilitarian liars. What would I be like? Sometimes I’ll imagine a parallel universe where everyone is heroic and noble, and then para-Aeoli* finds a portal from that universe to ours, and we meet. I imagine the conversation we’d have and what we’d do together. This isn’t an unusual activity for me- I’d say 80% of the best conversations I’ve ever had were with imaginary people, and these imaginary conversations serve as the most common formalization for my intuitions.

I can’t help thinking that the character Iskander from the mediocre anime Fate/Zero is very close to that idealized version of myself.

Talk about king goofball. For helping me to form a crystallized idea of what I ought to be, I thank the creators of that show.

*Maybe I should start my quest for perfection by starting a line of ravioli with aioli mixed in the sauce. That doesn’t sound half-bad. “Para-Aeoli Pera’s aioli ravioli” :-).

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