That explains why gas has been so cheap

Looks like the deep state in the US has been trying to starve some people out.

Executives of Al Jazeera America (AJAM) held a meeting at 2 p.m. Eastern Time to tell their employees that the company is terminating all news and digital operations in the U.S. as of April 2016, resulting in the loss of hundreds of jobs. AJAM has been losing staggering sums of money from the start. That has become increasingly untenable as the network’s owner and funder, the government of Qatar, is now economically struggling due to low oil prices. The decision was made recently to terminate AJAM, which allows the network to terminate all of its cumbersome distribution contracts with cable companies, and re-launch its successful Al Jazeera English inside the U.S.

Al Jazeera America Terminates All TV and Digital Operations

Sometimes propaganda hits the cold, hard wall of material insufficiency. I will take such an opportunity to paint a picture of what seems to be going on.

Gas prices are not set by supply and demand. This is the first thing you have to accept for my perspective to make sense. Doesn’t require a huge brain, you just have to watch.

Macroeconomics is 99% bunk, and pricing systems simply don’t matter in the industries that matter. Energy matters. Frankly, I think we’re waging war lately for 1) oil, and 2) Israel. I’m 100% in favor of the former and about 75% in favor of the latter. Because we no longer have a proper civilization, the loss of electricity would send the West backward past the Renaissance and the Dark Ages to the Iron Age.

Anyway, at first I’d thought gas prices were so low because that’s the only command-and-control measure that could possibly keep America afloat during this ridiculous great depression that you aren’t even supposed to talk about. This was naive of me, because I’ve been looking up from the bottom. If gas went back up to $4/gallon, we still wouldn’t be in great danger of a slave revolt.

No, there is a 4th-generation cold war going on and gas prices are one of the weapons. Shit’s complicated, but basically it’s the crumbling Western empire vs. everybody else that has any money (Russia, China, India, Western elites, and the Caliphate). Propaganda is the primary weapon, so it makes sense for Al Jazeera to set up shop if they can afford it. Unfortunately, there just plain aren’t enough Muslims in the US and getting news from Al Jazeera didn’t become a status symbol for shitlibs because they report too much news, without any snark. They would have succeeded if they picked up Jon Stewart, but I guess old habits die hard.

All this shit in the Middle East is proxy wars by people who, in my uneducated opinion, barely understand what’s going on.


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2 Responses to That explains why gas has been so cheap

  1. Heaviside says:

    The United States is not fighting the Caliphate, the United States is the Caliphate.

    Russia is fighting the muslims by dropping gas prices.

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