Perceptual threshold as anime trope

Since I’ve just broken the anime taboo, I figured I’d illustrate my second law of psychology.

Every person has a perceptual ceiling. If they are stimulated beyond this, their rational mind will disengage to reduce anxiety.

Pupil dilation and contraction generally adjusts to ambient light. However, it also corresponds to the rate at which your brain’s white matter is burning chemical energy.

Chemical energy which, by the way, is best obtained from the saturated fat of animal meat.

A mutation had occurred “[causing] a condition called Glut1 deficiency syndrome in which the brain cannot get enough energy to function properly.” Jessica’s brain specifically had not been able to obtain enough sugar to power her brain cells, and as such, doctors prescribed a high fat diet to give her brain an alternate energy source. She has already begun showing improvement.

First Children Have Been Diagnosed In 100,000 Genomes Project

Just sayin’.

Big pupils are attractive to look at, and generally indicate that a person is engaged with and interested in you.

Contraction means they don’t give a shit about you and have mentally checked out.

Anyway, this doesn’t necessarily mean a person with dilated pupils is acting more rationally, just that their conscious mind is burning a lot of juice. Maybe they’re just on drugs.

I think this is why actors wear black sclera contacts to indicate demon possession.

One of the reasons anime is so interesting to AS/HFAs is that the eyes are so big and expressive. Extraverts, neurotypicals, and Westerners pay attention to the whole face, whereas their counterparts prefer to emote with their eyes and pay attention to the other person’s eyes.

A sudden, sharp contraction of the pupils is used to show that a person has experienced a sudden disconnect with reality.

It is often used to show that the character’s conscious mind is incapable of processing the shock of something horrible.

This indicates a reversion to a more primitive state of mind, which merely responds in an instinctual fashion. That is, gray matter processes take the driver’s seat. Therefore, disengagement of the rational mind usually precedes psychotic behavior:

I should do more posts this way. I think they’re helpful.

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13 Responses to Perceptual threshold as anime trope

  1. Edenist whackjob says:

    Good observation.

    Ideas on how to boost chemical energy? I’m realizing I’ve been relying on being in an anxious state for years. Recently, I’ve had some calm, but it feels harder to think also.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Fats. Meat is the source I’m particularly certain about. I’d guess that other fats also help quite a lot, so maybe also nuts, avocados, olive oil, butter, etc.

      • Rime says:

        Nah, cooking with lots of vegetable oils cause heart disease and all kinds of wonderful things that you don’t want to develop. They don’t contain enough bang for the buck. Stick to unsalted butter. Next time you make some veggies cut a chunk of butter and drop it right in. Works wonders.

  2. Rime says:

    You broke the anime taboo when you gave a rundown of the Berserk finale. You’re a neckbeard manboob. Next you’ll be telling us you play Dungeons and Dorks. :P

    Psychedelics cause pupils to widen. Rather, the effect on brain chemistry cause the pupils to widen. One of the effects of psychedelics is the broadening of the associative horizon. At heroic doses, there is virtually no associative horizon, one may experience ego death. Ego death probably happens at the point of overstimulation, where the body cannot burn enough fat to provide energy for the brain. Unable to disengage, your body puts you in something that looks suspiciously similar to a state of shock except this time you’re aware of the entire process. Ego death is “controlled” by gray matter, yet white matter is still “awake” enough to commit the experience to memory.

    I need to think about this when I’m not as tired. So much of the psychedelic experience happens at a subconscious level that I can’t get it all out.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Interesting! This brings me closer to a comprehensive theory on synesthesia. Do you have thoughts on the marijuana post?

      “You broke the anime taboo when you gave a rundown of the Berserk finale. You’re a neckbeard manboob. Next you’ll be telling us you play Dungeons and Dorks. :P”

      Oh dear :-O. I missed that particular short bus, but I would have gotten into Warhammer with some friends if it weren’t so ball-busting expensive.

      • Rime says:

        Well, you came damn near close to an ego death of some sort. Your first experience with marijuana is remarkably similar to mine, in that the average idiot really had no way of understanding that someone could have a “bad time” while high. In fact you weren’t high so much as tripping balls. High anxiety, an inability to verbalize, obvious disconnect from reality in the form of hallucinations and general visual abnormalities… you weren’t having a bad time, you just had no idea what you were in for after taking a hit.

        I now view marijuana the same way I view LSD, its not something to be trifled with. It’s not for thals to indulge in, at least not in the same way that cro-mags and saps can. Stay away from it unless you’re with people you are highly familiar with and can trust as you will regularly trip when smoking/vaping much the same as I do. One thing you’ll find is that every strain/dose/intake-method will effect you differently.

        I must have gotten high a hundred times, I can count on one hand the number of times I enjoyed ingesting marijuana. We’re outliers. Our experience is nothing like the norm. Another drug you may want to consider staying away from is molly/ecstasy. I had the exact opposite experience of everyone else, I was less sociable, anxious, thoroughly unhappy, awkward etc. The come down kick-started a depressive/lethargic episode that lasted for months. To date I’m the only person I have met that has had a bad time on X. I believe this is due to abnormally low dopamine/serotonin levels from a combo of negative affectivity and battling depression.

        If you want to talk about drugs/synasthesia/pyschedelics in some depth just ask.

      • Rime says:

        I wasn’t talking about warhammer, though I’ve tried to play those games too. They take to much time, money and commitment for it to be a hobby. The hobby has too many losers in it anyways – a ton of nerds use it to escape life problems that require a similar amount of time, money and commitment. Unlike tabletop gaming, life can’t be put back into a box and sold when you get sick of it. Hence the obsession with spess mahrines and sigmar over real life.

        I was talking about Dungeons and Dragons, a game that requires a couple of books, 4 or 5 friends, and a brain filled with pure imagination. Hard to play without friends, even harder to play without imagination. You can probably get by without owning the books as long as the games master has played before.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          >Hence the obsession with spess mahrines and sigmar over real life.

          “Real life” gets old after about one day of it. I recommend such escapism (particularly via video games) as an emergency source of dopamine for people who can’t otherwise get any.

          However, this comes with the caveat that dopamine saturation produces delusion, which always has long-term consequences.

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