On Russia

I understand how people want Russia to be a bastion of hope for white nationalism, but they are forgetting that these are the survivors of a bureaucracy that massacred the nation’s best people for decades. Their de facto policy was, basically, you survive if nobody can be bothered to say anything bad about you. But if someone whispers about you behind your back, then you go to the Gulag. This is possibly the most R-selecting national policy of all time, which actively promoted cowardice and dark tetrad traits.

Please understand, I don’t think there’s something special about the bear men that sent them down this road. What we think of as dysgenics is often just artificially accelerated regression to the mean for homo sapiens sapiens. Authorities intent on genocide need only lend their monopoly on force to the whims of the morally childlike. The apparatus practically assembles itself.

One of the main goals of the Soviet leadership was to destroy personal ties among private citizens and create an atmosphere of distrust and fear…

Perhaps the best known attempt to instill fear and distrust is the promotion of the child hero, Pavlik Morozov. Pavlik was a Young Pioneer (the official early Party training organization) who lived in a small village near the Ural Mountains. He was an excellent student and even taught his mother how to read and write. His father was one of the leaders of the village, but, according to the official story, he had fallen in with the enemies of the country. [Ed: Like a broken record. Is lack of creativity a requirement for authority?] Pavlik denounced his father to the authorities and went so far as to testify against him in court. The young pioneer was martyred when he and his brother were killed by their father’s supporters. Morozov’s selflessness and heroism were held up to all children as an example of how children should put the country even before their own families.

GULAG: Soviet Prison Camps and their Legacy

This is why I now describe The Gulag Archipelago as required reading for modern Western Christians, to get them back in touch with the fact that the world is a nasty place by default. If the Biblical proscriptions make you scratch your head, it’s probably because you grew up in the modern West. You probably weren’t even molested as a child. But if you roll the reincarnation dice and to be born in another era or place, you can definitely expect to be molested. Everywhere else, it’s just normal.

But hey, maybe the Russians turned this thing around and became better people. Have they shown any remorse for their history? Not that I’ve seen. Lack of remorse bodes ill for the possibility of repentance. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems that Russians are more confident than ever.

Why has there been no public process about the GULAG? One possibility is that people are reluctant to acknowledge that this past hysteria to identify enemies of the state may have included their own family members. The older generations, those who lived through Stalin’s time, might feel guilt about their own role as informants. Another explanation is that the current leadership is not interested in making the GULAG a topic for public debate, since many of the current political leaders were members of the Communist Party or the KGB in the Soviet era. Alexander Yakovlev, chairman of the Rehabilitation Committee in Russia, observed that “Society is indifferent to the past because so many people participated in them [its excesses].”

Despite the efforts of the Memorial Society, there has been no permanent monument erected to remember the victims.


History makes more sense when you realize it’s not written by winners, but rather by WINNARZ.

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13 Responses to On Russia

  1. Heaviside says:

    >History makes more sense when you realize it’s not written by winners, but rather by WINNARZ.

    Now do you understand why I say what I do about WWII?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Ja, I have basically converted to your view of things. You are quickly approaching Tex’s status in my perspective on things

    • Rime says:

      Can you give a quick rundown of the “real history” of WWII? You’ve made some interesting and informative points before, much of which parallels my own thoughts on the matter.

      • Aeoli Pera says:


        Heaviside’s comments probably bring more pageviews here than my blog posts. It is too bad he’s such a perfectionist because his nonexistent blog already has a fanbase.

  2. Heaviside says:

    Kozyrev had his best ideas at Kolyma.

  3. Heaviside says:

    I have read that the traditional Russian way of dealing with people you don’t like is to go somewhere else and never speak to them again (made possible by the vast expanse of Russia’s wilderness); the deportations to the east (which happened before the founding of the SSSR) were probably the logical extension of that mentality applied to political dissidents.

  4. Mycroft Jones says:

    Russia is the continuation of the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantines were famously slimy and untrustworthy, manipulative and conspiratorial. Things haven’t changed.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Tex disagrees, and I generally default to his opinion.


      • TE says:

        Well, that’s a big mistake and you’re going to be pretty confused about history if you consider him an authority.

        For example, just a few quick counterpoints to the article you post:

        “The Greeks made Greece great and the Greeks didn’t even know the entire time they were originally sea-faring Celtic peoples. Greece collapsed in the usual cycle and the whole of the Greek people were taken into slavery by the Romans.”

        lolz, the Celts mostly weren’t “sea faring” peoples, especially not at that time. Notice that the article he cites (as far out and mostly wrong as it is) doesn’t even say that the Greeks were Celts, and specifically mentions Aryans steppe riders (the steppe is not the sea, though they DO both start with the letter “s”), which about as far away from “sea faring” as you can get.

        lolz at “the whole of the Greek people were taken into slavery by the Romans,” Greece was conquered, many were enslaved, but not nearly a majority of them, far from “the whole of the Greek people,”

        “The Romans were made great for only one reason and it was their Greek slaves. The Greeks were responsible for nearly every single great achievement the Romans are credited with but they don’t get credit because Romans did not countenance Greeks.”

        Lolz, this is just stupid. Not quite as dumb as afrocentrism though.

        “The Roman Empire collapsed and the best Greeks fled to found Byzantium, one of the most important civilisations of the ancient world.”

        lolz, this combined with “the whole of the Greek people…” is Tex really historically illiterate enough to think that virtually all of the Greeks were brought to Italy similar to Israel’s Babylonian captivity or something? Apparently so.

        Here’s a quick primer on what actually happened– Rome never crushed Greek culture in the East, and all of Greece itself plus Alexander the Great’s Hellenized empire (including modern Turkey, Egypt, the Levant) kept speaking Greek. A great deal of government administration was done in Greek, though there were bits of Latinization here and there. What became “Byzantium” was never depopulated or Romanized, it was just conquered and ruled by Rome but stayed Greek.

        Eventually, the Greek East began to began to rise in importance and compete with Rome for dominance of the Empire, and Constantine founded the city of Constantinople in 330 (on a town formerly called “Byzantium,” hence the name “Byzantine Empire”) and made it the new capital of the entire Roman Empire (long before the Western half fell) because he thought the future lay in the East. There were increasing degrees of competition, instability, and clashes, (Rome and Constantinople) eventually leading to a complete split between the Eastern and Western Roman Empire.

        The Byzantines never even called themselves “Byzantine,” but continued to call themselves “the Roman Empire,” (historians call it that for various reasons).

        So no, the Greeks didn’t “flee the Roman Empire” when it collapsed, nor did they “found” the Byzantine empire at that time– the Byzantine Empire was the half of the Roman Empire that NEVER FELL (until the later Turk conquest) and the Greeks HAD ALWAYS BEEN THERE and didn’t have to flee from Rome.

        Lolz but if you really want, go ahead and believe Tex that the “Greeks fled from Rome to found Byzantium,” but I can’t express just how stupid it is to believe that.


        seriously FUCKING STUPID

        lolz, I could go on and on, but this its a waste of time. It reminds of that that stupid argument I had with DP on the old NH about “whether or not the Nazis treated slavic people with great warmth and hospitality.”

        “the most advanced civilisation of the ancient world before the Dark Ages (a real theocracy) was absolutely Byzantium.”

        lolz, “before the Dark Ages”… Byzantine Empire existed DURING the “Dark Ages,”– the whole reason Byzantine usually gets praise is because it wasn’t “dark” when the rest of Europe was. Tex is not exactly stupid– but he’s stupid in a certain way– I used to think maybe he was lying about stuff or had a bit of trouble with “overactive imagination” but the problem is that he’s absolutely incapable of a certain basic sort of “non-fantastic” thought– basically, of paying attention to details whatsoever.

        I mean, notice the patterns I’ve observed in just these few things, it’s not just that he’s wrong, but he’s incapable of agreeing with even the sources he cites, or getting extremely rudimentary facts and chronology correct (then again maybe the Catholics or the Jews have tampered with everyone else’s basic chronology, and even the most pro-Byzantine historians and the Byzantine-idolizing Russians just “forgot” it like the Byzantines forgot they were once Irish buccaneers, and only Tex knows the truth).

        again FUCKING STUPID, I feel dumber having refuted it, because it’s too dumb to be worthy of refutation

  5. TE says:

    semi-serious musing here,

    first– the sense in which this may or may not be true (I ain’t like Tex et al. who are so insistent that whatever random goofy-ass vision pops into their mind is THE TRUTH):

    This is true in the sense that if it is false, all or almost all of Edenic theory must also be false. Now, maybe lil’ bits like “humans did mix with thals” are true, but for the theory to have coherence in anything like its present form, either my theory, or some theory yet to come about it must be true… but the current “mainstream” theory CAN NOT be true

    In any case, my theory is much, much, much more plausible than the “mainstream” edenic theory dominant today.

    So first the thesis, then the explanation and proof of the these.

    Thesis: the original thals’ unmixed with M&Ms and homo-sapiens were feeble minded, savage, cannibalistic, shamanistic-fanboy buttfvkkerz

    The explanation and proof:

    first consider to yerself how so many sooper smart troo-thals in da Edenosphere spend so much time drooling and getting googly-eyed over the moronic ejaculatory mental masterbations of assorted troo-thal and “(self proclaimed) super-high-IQ/genius” crackpots who spout nonstop ridiculous bullshatt like the Texcrement refuted above about the Greek-troo-thalz; or the idiotic neonazi faggotry Heaviside used to post all the time on the NH, or Koanic’s stupid neosparta LARPing and meanbearpig human-ape hybrid fagtheories, and assorted other moronic crap on the NH.

    Now, this is all stupid bullszatt, but I will admit it’s entertaining to read sometimes.

    So consider this: how ya just said that Tex is an “authority figure” to you.

    Now, the thought that occurred to me when writing the refutation of Tex’s moronic ejaculations above, after I’d realized “this is so stupid, what does it say about me that I’m wasting my time refuting it….” (and I shudder to think what it might mean)

    …well, the thought was “seriously, talking to y’all ‘thals’ is like being a frackin’ babysitter.”

    Here’s the thing, apparently thals have a serious lack of ability to think independently and determine the nature of reality for themselves– even more, MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH more than cro-mags.

    Sure, the cro-mag is fooled by the melon, but it’s not as ridiculous as the thal fooled by the thal-guru or MT/dualback guru, because the cro-mag doesn’t prattle on day after day after day about “I’m a GENIUS!!! I’m a brilliant TROO-THAL!!! I be a-thinkin’ forr mahself!!! can’t nobuddy foolz me unlike those moron kro-magz!!!”

    Well you yerself just got a-fooled by a faggot named named Tex so…

    So I think back on how y’all believed, and generally still believe the moronic ramblings of Heaviside, Tex et al. and I realize that for a Thal to believe a theory– connection to ACTUAL REALITY is not important whatsoever. Not. At. All.

    What really matters as to whether or not the thal believes it is:

    a.) how much it flatters his vanity (Yeah!!! troo-thal!!!)
    b.) how “entertaining” it is (generally, colorful and elegant high association horizon theories)
    c.) how “would be way cool if this were true!!!” it is
    d.) how much the inventor of the theory asserts his own superiority to everybody else

    Now, Windbag mah man, it really boggles my mind how you could be as seemingly smart as y’are and still consider a faggot-imbecile moron like Tex an “authority figure.” I mean, why can’t you read a bit of history yourself? Seriously, it’s not that hard. Why do you need an “authority figure?”

    The answer is that history is not so über conceptual, and has to do more with ACTUAL REALITY.

    See, sadly, Thals have this weird inability to “believe their own lying eyes,” cuz their own eyes are like 20/45 vision or sumthin. And since history has to do with actual reality, thalz are utterly moronic at it.

    So then the thought occured to me that THIS is how pure Thal society was before they interbred with the superior homo sapiens…

    here goes… like THIS:

    …it was a mostly matriarchal society with all thal females as sluts sexually serving several alpha male thal shamans at the top, and the rest of the thals blindly following them, commiting all sorts of savagery– probably including a lot of buttfakking and canibalism

    just think about it for a sec– how y’all fawn over disgusting sadists like Heaviside and Koanic, and how you believe idiotic theories like the Texcrement stuff,

    then think about how what Tex, Heaviside, Koanic et al. all have in common: they’re very shamanistic!!!

    Y’all a bunch of shamanists!

    By that I mean they’re very fantastic and out-there and have crazy-fun theories that are fun and all… but totally bullshit and far removed from reality.

    I hate to admit it, but to whatever degree I had respect on the NH it wasn’t really due to anything but my own somewhat shamanistic tendencies. Generally, the more I said sensible stuff, the more people ignored me. Granted, sometimes I could use some tactics based on showing implausibility and representing reality accurately, but y’all usually get bored with that pretty quick.

    Then think how the original conception of thals was a matriarchal society, and how terrible most thals are in the social sphere, and how enamoured they are with “game” (which is primarily about sucking up to women and licking the butts of a few “alpha males!”)

    Then think of that one guy on the NH who said being a troo-thal is really about being an uncivilized savage, and how thals cannibalized and ate enemy tribes and stuff, he had some decent citations for it (well, at least as decent as the other bullshatt y’all tend to believe).

    Then think of how thal-fronts on the forum seem much lest disgusted by sodomy than non-thal fronts,

    So, if we add it all up we have the ingredients for a society in which:

    Everyone is deluded about reality. Society is ruled by crazy shaman-alphas who muse about ridiculous new-age style bullshit religion and do weird chicken-dances and talk with spirits and stuff… These shaman alphas find a way to fack all the slat thal matriarchs (who are lower in status than the shaman-alphas but higher than the majority of male thals). The non alpha-shaman thals are omega fag-cannibals who are denied females and so fack each ather instead, believe the shamanic ravings of the alphas, and cannabalize each other when food runs low…. or invade other neighboring thal tribes and cannibalize/sodomize them.

    They never had advanced technology like Tex claims (he doesn’t provide good evidence), and the Melons and/or homo sapiens thus conquered the savage, uncivilized thals very easily, like Cortez runnin’ through the Aztec human sacrificer fags (remember, native am’s are also pretty savage, and also pretty thal lookin’)

    The melon-sapiens probably viewed them with a (rightful) degree of pity and disgust, seeing the sick shaman worship cannibal faggotry etc.

    I guess the one missing part is how did the thal-shamans find a way to flatter the vanity of the thal-omegas enough to get them to be omega cannibal-battfeckerz? I dunno, but theres prolly some explanation.

    Now, like I said (I probably ruin my chances of this being thal-believed since I admit I could be wrong, unlike a thal-shaman; and because I don’t prattle on about my own 1,000,000 point IQ and my sycophantic troo-thal followers’ superiority), this theory is kind of out there….

    BUT… it’s not much more out there than Koanics manbearpig stuff, assorted Texcrement, etc…

    …I think you’ll have to admit that.

    Now, I ain’t sayin’ that there aren’t some good things in the Thal genes… like it probably does have a good bit to do with genius (at least of a certain sort since there seem to be MM geniuses too)… thals do got some wicked imagination and cool visions and good connection to the abstract…

    So maybe modern humans with a mix of all the genes is actually a VERY GOOD THING. Since none of y’all are actually full thal, and neither are the thal-lookin’ geniuses, it makes sense– thals have the potential to be geniuses when mixed with homo sapiens, and given the advantage of pro-social human society instead of pure thal societies are sick cannibal fag society… but they can also get really lost and get the short end of the stick…

    BUT, yeah, still better than cannibal-fag pure thal society.

    Seriously, y’all claim to be INGENOPATH pure altruists, but look how sick some of y’all are and how mean you are to each other… honestly, non-thal MM slenkar was BY FAR the most kind and truly ingenopathic guy on the forum– why so nasty too each other if you’re really ingenopathic?

    The answer is that pure thals aren’t about ingenopathy, they’re all about prattling on about ingenopathy, while in reality acting more like cannibal-fags.

    So this could also explain the whole “genius always has some madness” thing… it’s actual “genius usually has some neanderthal cannibal-fagness”

    See the Thal has some super crazy abstraction abilities and is good at being insane, but maybe coming up with some crazy fantasy…

    …but reality?


    NO. NO. NO.

    They don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground as the saying goes.

    Me, I am done with this Edenism faggotry altogether, and thoroughly ashamed to have ever had the slightest part in it whatsoever, maybe I’m done with internetz alltogether i ‘spose… (actually, yeah am, frack diss shiet, decizzion made dawg)

    Listen yo, I started wit’ dis Edenist bullshatt ‘cuz I was down and out at rock bottom and suicidal and shiet– not that that’s enough of an excuse– like I said in that one post before I deleted it, “believe your own lying eyes…”

    …that was my true error in taking part in this “Edenist” faggotry (not believing my own eyes), and I’ve paid dearly for it… I shoulda… when I first smelled somethin’ fishy called bullshaaatz on it, but I didn’t… and I apologize to all y’all for that– cuz as a non-thal front it’s like my job to keep y’all from deluding yourselves and getting too cannibal faggy on each other… though I do have the excuse of a thal back (if that stuffs not a bunch of ballzhutz).

    yeah I was that low, that down-n-out, that I stopped believing my own eyes, when really that’s my specialty in life, and I’m better at it than 99% or so or thereabouts; and before this that was always what I did…

    …I also had a lot of genuine sympathy for y’all, and tried to combat some of the severe errors like Heaviside’s sick and disgusting, murderous neo-nazi ideologies… and I’m sorry to have to write a post like this… but y’all need it evidently…

    and don’t y’all get too down on yerselves about grampa troo-thal having been a cannibal-fag instead of a SOOPER JEEN-YUS WITH 1,000,000,000 IQ POYNTZ… it’s all done and gone, y’all mixed and y’all can be part of real humanity too now.

    and y’know, I don’t like to be so harsh, but y’all apparently can’t understand the truth unless someone acts like a pompous asshole when telling it, and to quote frackin’ mikhail lermontov:

    “You say that morality will not be won thus so?
    Excuse me, but the people have been fed candy and it’s ruining their stomach: they need bitter medicine, caustic truth.”

    Na’m sayin’ dawg?

    so maybe y’all Thalz, since it ain’t yer fault ya can’t see much past yer nose. I would advise y’all to stop the ideological bullshatz and do stuff like try yer best to get married and find God– or take pleasure in celibacy (it really ain’t that bad if you got God)… seriously seek for the Lord’s truth first. I dunno what else to say, but y’all killin’ ya’selves with this ideological faggotry. remember Charlton’s saying that the ideological age is OVER and only religion matters now…

    Not even kidding when I say I’m worried for y’all that something like cannibal faggotry will happen on the new NH– not EXACTLY that– but something dark, y’all are falling into the dark, following dark; the blinder-than-blind leading the blind so….

    STOP IT.

    Yo, if slenkar reads this, just get out man and spend more time with your wife– you’re by far the most decent of us, and your frickin married; to the main man Koanic himself– your married too dawg… what’re ya doing with this newsparta LARPing shiet… just spend some more time with your wife… and Edenist Whack– stop being a whackjob… you know you can be more, else you wouldn’t have choosen the goofy self-deparcating name… and same for you Windbag Pasta man– you got your degree– get you a jerb and find you a happy life– I know you can do it, and you know you can be moren’ a windbag, eh? Not sayin’ it’ll be easy– but hey, if you’d rather the shamanistic-omega-cannibal-faggotry then I ain’t gonna stop ya… but I think you’d be better off without it homie

    thatz all

    • podrag says:

      Hey dude there’s actually some cool stuff in here. Most people are going to be like tldr but I like it lemme just grock this for a while

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