The racial component of the cuckold fetish

There is going to be a trail of quotes here that will be somewhat difficult to navigate unless you’re paying attention. So pay attention to who said what the first time, so you only have to read once.

Vox Day posted at Alpha Game:

There is no dearth of black actors on British TV. The problem is that nearly all of them are occupied with playing the doting husband to their white wives in advertisements, when they’re not playing the “token fourth friend” in car ads.

You can’t get away from it. I counted the other night and there were three commercials in a row, two for banks and one for McDonalds, and each of them featured an African man, none of whom were handsome enough to ever be considered for the role of James Bond, improbably married to white women who ranged from moderately cute brunette to very pretty blonde.

It’s less Hollywood that is aggressively pushing all the mudsharking than the ad industry. Of course, you very seldom see a white man with an Asian woman on TV, despite that being the most common interracial pairing by a considerable margin. In fact, one very seldom sees Arabs, Muslims, or Hispanics on British TV. And one doesn’t often see African women in commercials either, except as “black mother” or “the token fourth friend” in aimed at women.

There is no question that it’s not any sort of racial equality that is being advertised, but rather a very specific form of mudsharking. And there is nothing accidental about it.

Selling the shark

Commenter Cataline Sergius replies:

Since it’s white men running these ad agencies the term cuckoldry would be the best fit.

I am curious as to why. Is there a sexually submissive undercurrent that is making it’s way through the male SJW warrens now?

I’ve seen some indication of this in the past. Remember Paolo?

Or to be more exact, do you remember the author? A white man who was proud of his own cuckholdry because that made him a real feminist.

There is after all a strong racial component to the Cuckold submissive fetish.

How strong is this fetish in male feminists? And where did it come from?

I reply to Cataline:

For this, I can offer a plausible explanation. Refer to Anonymous Conservative’s post “Charlie Sheen, Gays, Transexuals, and Dopamine”:

There was an anecdotal case highlighted in the book of a heterosexual man with a family who was prescribed a dopamine agonist for Parkinson’s symptoms. Once he was hopped up on synthetic dopamine, the father then went on a gay sex binge which he said he couldn’t control, until he went off the medication and became heterosexual again.

Sexual stimulation requires a mild level of amygdala stimulation. Too little is what you have between a husband and wife who have been married for decades, and for whom sexual activity is totally routine. Too much is what you have when a Grizzly Bear smells the deer hormones you put out by your tree stand, decides he feels a little randy, and, well, you just happen to be in the wrong place at the right time for the bear.

My own theory is, when you are hopped up on dopamine, you need more amygdala stimulation than you would normally need, to overcome the amygdala-quieting effects of the dopamine and get into that sweet spot where sexual drive arises.

Anonymous Conservative
Charlie Sheen, Gays, Transexuals, and Dopamine

(My reply continues.)

So in a resource glut, the required level of sexual weirdness gets skewed. Because black people are scary to white people at a fundamental level (racist, I know, but true), the racial element provides a bigger source of transgressive amygdala stimulation.

Compare to Milo’s assertion that he went gay because it was transgressive (and then got in a rut), and his attraction to black men.

Think of this as an intensity amplifier for the pre-existing cuckold fetish, which I suspect originates elsewhere.


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One Response to The racial component of the cuckold fetish

  1. Edenist whackjob says:

    Interesting mix of kink and ingenopathy.

    I seem to remember reading some anecdotes about high-dose DHT curing gayness.

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