When to white knight

It’s a confusing day and age to be a young man. You can’t even say anymore, categorically, that you never hit a woman under any circumstance.

PA makes the social contract explicit in the case of white knighting, which is nice for those of us who don’t do so well with stuff that “everybody knows”.

Elaborating on the subject of wasting good men for less-than-worthy women, Matt Forney recently featured a guest post from a blogger named Kyle, titled “Men Aren’t Fighting for Women Anymore, and Why Should They?” Kyle has no illusions about the revealed dispensability of men in modern West. He knows about the contempt in which all of our institutions hold us while expecting our sacrifice. He is clear-eyed about the broken social agreement, one that obligates both sexes toward both self-restraint and self-sacrifice in the interest of the common good.

On White Knighting

To summarize: You should take a bullet for a family member or a very close friend (the sort who will take in your orphaned family), or a woman or child of your own nation, meaning both borders and race. This is true unless the woman is a slut (or a known cluster B personality), in which case she’s brought whatever violence she’s suffering on herself, and will do so time and time again. You can make other exceptions, but this handles most cases today.

If she knows the name of the person attacking her, that’s an automatic disqualification. Eyes straight ahead, not your problem. If she’s begging for help, I’d quote her $500 for ten minutes of assistance.

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1 Response to When to white knight

  1. Heaviside says:

    >You can’t even say anymore, categorically, that you never hit a woman under any circumstance.

    Direkte Aktion: Hit every woman every opportunity you have. The sexual proletariat (proletarius, father who serves the state by producing the next generation of soldiers and workers) need to express their rage against the oppression of women, the parasitic sexual bourgeoisie.

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