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The most feral generation of black youths ever conceived is waiting out the cold, and you can bet this summer will be ten times worse. Go ahead and bet everything you own, you’re doing it anyway whether you like it … Continue reading

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I’m slowly proceeding with a New Year’s project of sorting old posts into categories. Here are the ones I’m intending to use as of today. anthropology AS/HFA blather current events drugs economics edenism Game genius history intelligence just for lulz … Continue reading

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Emotional empathy = cognitive empathy * anxiety

Where “cognitive empathy” is the new term for what I’ve simply been calling empathy: theory of mind that predicts the other person’s state correctly. This seems to be primarily a function of mirror neurons. Contrast with projection: theory of mind … Continue reading

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Drugs, synesthesia, rambling

I asked Rime to share his thoughts on my marijuana experience, and it turns out I’m not alone. Well, you came damn near close to an ego death of some sort. [Ed: Wouldn’t surprise me at all. I was there.] … Continue reading

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Is Trump’s psychopathy a *good* thing?

Peepee does the math. Puts a new twist on my recent opinion that Trump is a thoroughbred fraud. In other words, the average self-made U.S. president would be more psychopathic than 95% of Americans, but there would likely be a … Continue reading

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The racial component of the cuckold fetish

There is going to be a trail of quotes here that will be somewhat difficult to navigate unless you’re paying attention. So pay attention to who said what the first time, so you only have to read once. Vox Day … Continue reading

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A rhetorical technique: appending the ellipse

A comment I left at the Chateau Heartiste: America is a nation of immigrants…who wiped out the native cultures and massacred their populations. A predictable trait of neotenids is that they are impressionable, meaning they pick up on associations indiscriminately. … Continue reading

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On Russia

I understand how people want Russia to be a bastion of hope for white nationalism, but they are forgetting that these are the survivors of a bureaucracy that massacred the nation’s best people for decades. Their de facto policy was, … Continue reading

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The id is a pervasive and confusing beast

About six years ago, my subconscious said “fuck you” and took over. I take it for granted these days that “I” am not even running this show anymore, by which I mean I’m just riding the elephant called bigocc. I … Continue reading

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Perceptual threshold as anime trope

Since I’ve just broken the anime taboo, I figured I’d illustrate my second law of psychology. Every person has a perceptual ceiling. If they are stimulated beyond this, their rational mind will disengage to reduce anxiety. Pupil dilation and contraction … Continue reading

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