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Perception and the will

Here I attempt to illustrate that agency is a sense of identity with a purpose given by love. That is, the ability to make choices has two components: identity is the sense of perspective within a complicated system of moving … Continue reading

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5 current favorite songs

It’s been a while since I did a light-hearted post. These are pretty representative of my taste, because I mostly listen to metal, and as a guitar player I focus heavily on the guitar sounds, and this is the best … Continue reading

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How it all works

A brief description of physics as I understand it. At the astronomical level, regarding galaxy cluster formation, Hubble expansion, and other bizarre ideas with Lovecraftian names like “dark energy”. Despite the prevailing metaphysical assumption of our culture that we are … Continue reading

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Some near-future psych fiction

“I’m sorry if I seem a little preoccupied today, Zhayden is getting his academic aptitude test results back today and it’s really important to both of us that he gets into a good academy. Zhaden, you look a little warm … Continue reading

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Change of pace

And we’re back again. Insert excuses here. I’m happy to report that school-inspired mental issues are finally on the mend, thanks primarily to a concentrated dose of Bible. Despair really is the absence of hope, after all. Other things that … Continue reading

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Republican candidate SSMV ratings

Sorry about the posting quality, still down for the count. My preliminary SSMV ratings for the Republican candidates: Trump = Alpha Cruz = Beta Rubio = Lambda ¿Jeb? = Gamma Carson = Delta, maybe a little Asperger’s (easy read) Kasich … Continue reading

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Possible mechanism for Overton window shift

I came up with this almost by accident in some comments on this VP post and just rolled with the idea. These are in chronological order. It just occurred to me that when SJWs and other forms of shitlib fervently … Continue reading

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On European Jews (part 1)

Prepare to be disappointed edgelords, my opinion on Ashkenazim (hereafter simply “Jews”) is not far removed from your grandmother’s. The spirit of this post is not at all scientific, but rather a collection of personal and common observations which are … Continue reading

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Diagnosis: spent

I’ve figured out why I recently went from sixty to zero so quickly, and I think explaining this will serve to illustrate some relevant aspects of Aeolitalk. I recently started working nights. It’s physical work, but only part-time all in … Continue reading

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Make that Tuesday

Sorry, time is a fickle mistress.

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