Economics dogma: socialist vs. corporate

Socialists believe, deep down, that if you take care of humans, the business element will take care of itself. Corporatists believe that if you take care of business, the human element will take care of itself.

(I believe human behavior is approximately half-explained by biological psychology (most notably evopsyche). I believe most of the rest is belief structures, and this is an example.)

For instance, socialists tend to blame business failures on the atomization of the workers: if the business is trying to jew everybody, then everybody has to look out for numero uno, and the business grinds to a halt via massive CYA and petty theft. In contrast, corporatists believe that increasing profits will increase prosperity in general, “a rising tide lifts all boats”, which functional people will take advantage of to take care of themselves.

In America these attitudes track with left and right political attitudes, respectively. I think this is basically an accident of racial/class warfare and circumstance, and not really an evopsyche thing (although there are probably some interdependencies in there).

Personally, I think you have to take a nuanced strategy if you’re a business owner. The last thing you want to do is give workers carte blanche to self-advocate as a group. Complaining about the job is the biological set-point for the working class. You wouldn’t believe how much time people in low-class jobs spend complaining about work that really isn’t all that difficult- reason being, their biological set point is slavery, where whining, slacking, and exaggerating injuries are the best survival strategy. They aren’t equipped for a social environment which has no dogmatic resistance to this, via Narrative, and so they’ll constantly work each other into a frenzy with their complaints.

Prole 1: “The new point-of-sale system sucks!”
Prole 2: “We don’t get paid enough for this!”
Prole 3: “Yeah!”
Chorus: “YEAH!”

So when you’re setting the Narrative, it has to be all about the company.

Prole 1: “The new point-of-sale system sucks!”
Prole 2: “Well at least you have a job.”

Prole 2 may feel the same way as Prole 1, but what automatically comes out of his mouth is Narrative because that’s the way people are. The spark has failed to cause a chain reaction.

However, there is a great deal of truth to the socialist talking point. You really do have to take care of people. So I think you have to make sure the managers know, on the down-low, that their job is to take care of people, foresee friction between personalities and systemic changes, and quietly advocate for the workers to avoid these problems. Then the constant conversation looks more like this.

Prole 1: “The new point-of-sale system sucks!”
Prole 2: “Well at least you have a job.”
Prole 3: “Yeah, and it’s not that bad here.”

You may think this conversation dynamic is stilted and scripted, but I’ve watched it play out thousands and thousands of times over the last decade and I’m telling you, people only have about 15-20 conversation scripts to work with and they don’t seem to mind the repetition. For instance, among the lower class there’s the “you respect me first I respect you” script. Some of you know what I’m talking about :-P. Every fucking day.

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7 Responses to Economics dogma: socialist vs. corporate

  1. Koanic says:

    Syssitia capitalism – Spartanic piracy. Circle squared.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I seriously wonder sometimes whether I ought to advocate all of us thards going into the illegal drug trade together. If we failed, it would at least be a hilarious sort of failure.

      • You know damn well who this you asshole..... says:

        There is enough legal chemicals around to sell. However, the amount of times Ive been called a cop (or accused of wearing a wire) leads credence to the fact its probably not the best idea. Breaking the law is cool it seems. Fuck you sapiens.

  2. t says:

    Happened to be published recently in another blog I read:

    Also, proverbs:

    He has also written a lot of free books that give you a better view on the mystical ancient near East/Hebrew worldview. Makes the Bible much easier to understand, especially seeing God as an eastern feudal sheikh.

    Highly recommended!

  3. t says:

    Since I’m promoting Bible stuff, there’s also Michael Heiser’s excellent book The Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible: .

    Makes sense of the narrative and the Old Testament.

    Recent Skywatch TV interviews:
    Part 1:
    Part 2:

  4. Yeah Its Me says:

    It’s all about money and your principles here. If you ain’t paid right the whining will begin, and the business will grind to a halt as with what you mentioned aeoli, and employee turn over will be high along with the consequences. People not paid right, including managers I’ve seen disappear after robbing the safe of it’s hard cash made that day.

    Even the intellectual high middle and upper class get taken in there contracts, particularly the university educated migrants who take minimum wage to make residency/citizenship over 3 years. One guy I know had his intellectual property stolen , via a legal contract, yet he could contest it for fraud being he was hired as a manager, and not a research scientist. After residency he gave the company he worked for the flick, even though 2 days before a move they finally offered him a higher wage. Being it was only letter of offer, not a contract, and that was how they ripped him off on his first contract he moved on.

    The company the guy worked for above makes plenty of money for the two main shareholders, yet it’s gained by ripping all the workers, including the lowering of wages for scientists…

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