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Taking this weekend off from blogging

See you on Monday.

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Economics dogma: socialist vs. corporate

Socialists believe, deep down, that if you take care of humans, the business element will take care of itself. Corporatists believe that if you take care of business, the human element will take care of itself. (I believe human behavior … Continue reading

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Wisdom is a system of *correct* mental models regarding the most important things in life

Wisdom is to intuition as knowledge is to learning, and as crystallized intelligence is to fluid intelligence. A mental model has three parts: 1) an object in 2) a situation, and 3) the object’s expected behaviors in that situation. I … Continue reading

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How long before this is used for student loans?

There’s no way this country is just going to let a $1.2 trillion debt disappear just because this generation of graduates can’t pay it off. Imagine what that would do to all those balance sheets leveraged twenty-to-one. (NB: some deleveraging … Continue reading

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“Mindfulness” means you aren’t wasting mental energy

Think of it in terms of a ratio: mental energy being spent on the task at hand vs. total mental energy presently being spent. Mindfulness means this ratio is close to unity, lacking inefficiency and waste. Focus is mindfulness combined … Continue reading

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