Matt is doing videos of the primary battles in Illinois, and he captures things you won’t get on the Network News Shows:

“Clinton himself took the stage at 11am, looking and sounding like he’d contracted a horrible disease. His voice was hoarse and shaky, he was freakishly skinny, and he appeared to have what looked like an AIDS lesion on his forehead. I recorded part of his speech, and you can watch it below:”

Click over for the video, and click here to kick in to Matt’s video fund to get more of these.

I actually wonder if Hillary could be poisoning that poor bastard so he’ll keel over at just the right moment to help her get elected with sympathy. It does seem as if he is deteriorating quickly as her big day approaches. If I was Bill, I’d be getting all my own food myself.

Married to that, Bill Clinton has an Apocalypse all his own.

Anonymous Conservative
Matt Forney Says Bill Clinton Has Aides [sic]

I don’t care which it is, I hope that rapist piece of shit dies in agony. It’s better than he deserves after a long life of filth, treason, and bullshit. Bill Clinton is human garbage. One good thing he did by accident was to demonstrate how useless the average American is.

Thank you Mr. Clinton for killing the myth of American exceptionalism, now burn in Hell like the trash you are.


Guccifer, the infamous Romanian hacker who accessed emails of celebrities and top US officials, will be extradited to the United States after losing a case in his home country’s top court. Reuters reports that Lehel will come to the US under an 18-month extradition order, following a request made by the US authorities. Details of the extradition have not been made public, however. Marcel Lehel, a 42-year-old hacker better known by his pseudonym “Guccifer,” achieved notoriety when he released an email with images of paintings by former President George W. Bush, including a self-portrait in a bathtub. He also hacked and published emails from celebrities Leonardo DiCaprio, Steve Martin and Mariel Hemingway. Perhaps most notably, Lehel was also the first source to uncover Hillary Clinton’s improper use of a private email account while she was Secretary of State, which the FBI is investigating as a potential danger to national security.

Hacker ‘Guccifer,’ Who Uncovered Clinton’s Private Emails, To Be Extradited To US

Hillary is a psychopath and she’s going to make sure they torture the shit out of this kid, simply for revenge. There’s no putting that cat back in the bag, but this is how “presidential material” acts. So electable, such a strong female leader!

Fuck this faggot earth.

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