Symptoms of genius as chemical addiction

I referred to this in the previous post, but I figure it deserves to be highlighted. I changed a couple of the words, but you’d be surprised how few of them.


Creativity addiction typically starts off as recreational, in a social setting. The disease is progressive, which means that as time passes, he or she will exhibit a higher tolerance, frequently engage in the behavior and experience intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Below is a list of the common signs of addiction. If you are a struggling genius or someone you love is a struggling genius, get help now.

Physical Signs of Genius
Over-active or under-active
Repetitive speech patterns
Dilated pupils, red eyes
Looking pale or undernourished
Clothes do not fit the same
Weight loss
Change in eating habits
Unusual odors or body odor due to lack of personal hygiene

Behavioral Signs of Genius
Missing work/school
Work/school problems
Missing important engagements
Isolating/secretive about activities
Disrupted sleep patterns
Legal problems
Relationship/marital problems
Financial problems (e.g. always needing money)
Conversations dominated by topics of particular obsession

Emotional Signs of Addiction
Inability to deal with stress
Loss of interest in activities/people that used to be part of their lives
Confused easily
Rationalizing – Offering alibis, excuses, justifications, or other explanations for their using behavior
Minimization – Admitting superficially to the problem but not admitting to the seriousness or full scope of the behavior or consequences
Blaming – Placing the blame for the behavior on someone else or some event
Diversion – Changing the subject to avoid discussing the topic

Three Cs of Addiction
Loss of control over the amount and frequency of creativity
Craving and compulsive ideation
Continued obsession in the face of adverse consequences

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23 Responses to Symptoms of genius as chemical addiction

  1. Jdc says:

    Want to read the most bizarre physical anthropology theory I’ve ever seen?

    I wonder if you could interchange the word Thal with Aryan?

  2. Jdc says:

    I’m pretty sure my comments are getting censored for some reason so I’ll try this one last time.

    I probably should start posting on the forum instead of here but this is a really unusual physical anthropology study

    http://ar thetics/human- beauty/

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Heaviside pointed out that it’s usually the comments with links that go to spam or the moderation queue. I try to check pretty often but that’s all I know how to do about it.

      • Jdc says:

        No worries. I’m apotheosis on the forums anyway. I’ll probably post pictures at some point to join the neanderhall as I like associating with you all.

        I like Edenic theory but it’s just a theory at the end of the day and I don’t subscribe to anything 100%. It’s easy to become dogmatic and fundamentalist about something but that precludes true understanding of a holistic world view. I’m not sure if a total system or absolute truth is possible though.

      • j says:

        You can tweak this from your WP Dashboard to allow a specific number of links per comment. It’s in Settings -> Discussion -> Comment moderation.

    • Jdc says:

      Upon further reading, this website is downright bizarre. A leftist NS movement? The precipes put forward in the series of articles are so antithetical to evolutionary biology and common sense that I have no choice but to reject it. It’s almost like an anti-edenism and not in a good way.

  3. Jdc says:

    Also agreed about pathological obsession. I rarely write anything down that I am thinking of as I’m not sure if it’s correct in the absolute sense of it being tautological or I just don’t think anyone else will be interested in something so abstract that it has no real relationship to the corporeal world.

  4. Koanic says:

    Lol Lazarus.

    The cure for unwanted thought loops is literally holding your breath.

    Lack of oxygen focuses the mind wonderfully on the immediate.

    Breath was God’s gift to Adam, along with the divine spark of intellect.

    Both are privileges, not rights.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Story time! When I was younger, I’m told that I’d become upset and hold my breath until my body turned blue. Afterward, I’d just sorta lie down and be unable to cry because that would require too much energy.

      Talk about commitment! Pretty alarming for a parent, one imagines. Doubt I could summon the will to pull it off now.

      >Lack of oxygen focuses the mind wonderfully on the immediate.

      Indeed, and this generalizes to all things it is possible to lack.

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