Companies can’t find workers and workers can’t find jobs; why both are true

You hear a lot of complaining nowadays about the economy. Some people say it’s great (a little bit of a slump, but overall things have never been better!), some people say it’s so unreasonably fucked that we’re going to see the worst die-off in history in this next century. I fall into the latter camp, obviously, to the extent that I’m considering becoming an undertaker.

(H/T Heaviside)

Similarly, you hear a lot of complaining about the job market. Employers say you can’t find qualified employees (and I believe it’s not just an H1-B thing, although that’s part of it), and qualified employees say you can’t find a decent wage for raising a family (and here I mean engineers, doctors, and everyone with a computer science degree who isn’t precisely between the ages of 29 and 31).

Here’s how I reconcile all of this: America is a big-S Socialist country where instead of treating commodities and labor hours as a priori fungible, we treat human beings this way.

In the Soviet Union, the problem of pricing led to extremes of overproduction and undersupply, which paradoxically caused many people to starve while crops simultaneously rotted away in the fields. In America, the overproduction occurs in the areas of job training and the undersupply of trained workers to corporate “people”. So if you make the following find/replace adjustments, the job market in America makes sense:

Person -> Corporation
Commodities -> People
Capital -> Human resounces

I think this is the logical economic theodicy for our dogmatic Equalism, which arose from the perfect storm of Globalism, anti-racism, and a naive Cartesian dualism which assumes the mind is pure spirit (I adhere weakly to the latter).

At least in Soviet Russia, you didn’t have to pretend to be an extravert constantly overflowing with hopeful joy.

I think pockets of capitalism are allowed to exist in some parts of the economy simply because otherwise we’d already have returned to the stone age if over-the-road trucking regulation were actually enforced.

So here comes some of the coldest, hardest truths about the [trucking] industry…it’s time to start telling it like it is…so hang on to your seat…you may NOT like this next part


It’s true. If the driver cheats on his logbook, everybody benefits. How is that? Simple…drivers get paid by the mile and so do the trucking companies themselves. So the more miles a driver runs in a given amount of time, the more money the driver makes AND the more money the driver’s company will make.

As an added bonus, the more miles you are turning per truck and per driver in a given amount of time the more efficiently you are moving goods for your customers overall.

The more efficiently you move goods overall the more efficiently our economy runs as a whole. So as you can clearly see, if one driver can find a way to turn more miles in any given amount of time it benefits the driver, his company, the customers you are serving, and the overall economy as a whole [sic].

That’s why governments on every level try to give the impression that they are serious about cracking down on drivers and companies that break the laws and yet in all reality they do very little or nothing about it. If they were to seriously crack down on the abuse they would be crippling our own economy.

So who has a vested interest in REALLY enforcing the laws?



In reality the enforcement is sparse and predictable. Even when a certain state is going to do a three day crackdown they ANNOUNCE it ahead of time so everybody knows!

So even the very few that do get caught cheating just pay a small fine and continue doing what they were doing before…breaking the law and profiting from it. Believe me, everybody makes WAY more money by cheating the system than they lose by getting caught once in a great while. [Ed: Gosh this sounds familiar.]

If you think that the DOT won’t be able to touch you as long as your truck appears to be safe, you are minding your own business, and your logbook is legal, you are sadly mistaken.

As a commercial driver you fall under federal regulation. If you ever for a moment believe they can’t shut you down and take your license away for no apparent reason then you are tragically idealistic. As a truck driver you will be under the constant scrutiny of not only your own company but also your own government.

Your truck is being tracked through the use of numerous networked GPS, Camera, and RFID enabled devices every moment of every day. EZPASS, Pre-Pass, Qualcomm, engine signatures, cameras, x-ray machines, and an untold number of other unknowable devices are being used to monitor everything from your engine conditions to your speed, location, elevation, direction, and are keeping track of everyplace that truck has ever been.

If you think the government conspiracy theorists are crazy then just ignore what I’m telling you and believe it isn’t true. I just hope for your sake that you aren’t choosing to ignore me because if it WAS true you would be doomed. My troubled friend, for your sake I’d suggest running for the border as fast as you can and BY GOD don’t do it in a big rig. But heck, what do I know right? Do it your way.

If you pay close attention to overpasses, light poles, intersections, and weigh stations you will see tons and tons of devices all over the place like antennas, cameras, and many other well-disguised devices as you pass on by.

The system knows where you are supposed to be going and when you are supposed to arrive there. If it calculates that you have too far to go for the amount of time you have left to get there it will issue an alert to dispatch letting them know you seem to be running late.

The point of all of this is to inform you that no matter how legal and untouchable you may THINK you are by having your truck all shined up and your logbook caught up with hours of driving still available I promise you it’s an illusion.

You are only free to roam this country in a big rig as a commercial driver because they are allowing you to do so. You do not have the right as a commercial driver to be left alone no matter how perfect having that right may seem. They can shut you down, search your vehicle, and hold you in custody if they really want to or feel they need to.

Now I’m not saying you’re likely to be thrown in prison for life for absolutely no reason. I’m simply saying please don’t make the mistake of copping an attitude or making a dumb decision based on the facade that you have some God given rights and nobody can take them away from you.

Brett Aquila
Trucking Truth

America is a bigger lie than any single human could ever have conceived working alone. Congratulations comrades, we have done it. What we have done, exactly, is not something you need worry about just now. Everything is going according to plan.

The Eclipse is coming. Either you enter apotheosis, or you enter the maw, and you are not the protagonist in this Behelit myth. When the founding fathers of America chose the phoenix as the national symbol, were they thinking of you?

The point of having pyramids is mass human sacrifice in order to elevate some few others: so sayeth the bigocc. A little rain on your poolside parade.

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24 Responses to Companies can’t find workers and workers can’t find jobs; why both are true

  1. Heaviside says:

    Remember what I said?

    “lack of capital investment in industry –> productivity of workers is decreased –> workers have less bargaining power –> employers are then faced with the task of creating arbitrary standards upon which to exclude people from employment

    Because capital investment in industry has been replaced in the public consciousness with vague buzzwords like “creativity” and “innovation” as the main driver of growth, people are forced to invest in “creativity” and “innovation” i.e. higher education. Because we are no longer investing in physical capital like machine tools, capital has to be plowed into human capital i.e. credentials. Since credentials don’t actually increase productivity a self-reinforcing spiral of credentialism is spawned in which employees have to compete ever harder and spend ever longer years in education just to stay put.”

    I think the problem is mostly just a pure oversupply of labour. Employers can’t find experienced competent people willing to work for the poor wages and working conditions (lack of job security) that they offer.

    Just as there is a division of labour within nations, there is also a division of labour between nations. After America’s defeat in WWII the process of turning the United States into a colonized supplier of agricultural and mineral goods began. Eisenhower, who signed the peace treaty with Japan, and who conspired with “Engine Charlie” of GM to gut the Machine Tool Reserve*, built the national highway system.

    During the latter half of the 19th century, when America grew to become the world’s greatest industrial power, there was collusion between the Union Pacific Railroad and the Union Army. Railroads are the only mode of transportation that surpass the limit on the Gabrielli-von Karman diagram.

    Railroads are an essential part of a competitive industrial base, because they are the most cost effective form of point-to-point freight transportation. The Chinese are already using maglevs to ship coal, which makes up a large fraction of the rail freight of most nations. By switching the Army’s preferred mode of overland transport to the American autobahn, Eisenhower played a huge role in destroying American industry. Trucking is inherently better suited for the distribution of consumer goods than the regular point-to-point shipping common to industrial supply chains. By subsidizing highways instead of rails the government permanently hobbled American manufacturers with higher transportation costs. However, it allowed the big-box retail store to become a viable business model, whose profit margins would otherwise instantly evaporate were they forced to pay the costs of the transportation infrastructure they depend on. Walmart alone contributes to over 10% of America’s trade deficit with China (it should be noted that many products which are “Made in China” are really made in Japan but assembled in China). I believe the Army built these highways for Asian goods to enter America because of a secret agreement that it made with Japan as a result of losing WWII.

    Also, the Army supported building the national highway system so that suburbs (which were created as prefabricated mass housing to accommodate returning veterans) would allow the government to destroy traditional urban ethnic communities, especially Catholics who were able to mobilize themselves to effectively resist government propaganda via the Hays Code and suchlike.

    “The PCA also engaged in political censorship. When Warner Bros. wanted to make a film about concentration camps in Nazi Germany, the production office forbade it—citing the above-mentioned prohibition on depicting “in an unfavorable light” another country’s “institutions [and] prominent people”—with threats to take the matter to the federal government if the studio went ahead. This policy prevented a number of anti-Nazi films being produced.”

    Ha ha ha, how quaint. The people actually preventing the government from propagandizing them. I bet you goyim are happy we got rid of that mean old Catlick Choich and gave you BC pills and pot, right?

    E. Michael Jones was who I heard about the creation of suburbs from, and what is remarkable is he is one of the few people who mentions the OWI. Every American needs to know about the OWI. You can’t fart without hitting a reference to the Frankfurt School in the AltRight, but how many people know that they were brought to America and hired by the OWI/OSS/CIA during WWII?

    The growth of trucking parallels the transformation of America from a producing to a consuming society.

    >and you are not the protagonist in this Behelit myth.

    Boy, tell me about it.


    GM obviously wouldn’t have any interest in the construction of a national highway system, nope.

    • Rime says:

      Manufacturing is the only part of the economy that matters. We cannot compete with China by shipping materials via highway, we could however, compete by shipping materials via railway.

      I got to watch mold manufacturing and tooling collapse vicariously through my father. Basically what happened was entropy through overregulation coupled with a gradual industry-wide breakdown of trust, cooperation, and transit. The workers and capitalists can’t trust each other because the government has made it too easy to defect/defect. All job growth since the mid 70’s has been cannabilization of cultural and genetic capital. Sad!

    • Edenist whackjob says:

      I guess a real way to invest in innovation is eugenics?

      • Heaviside says:

        You’re Swedish, right? As far as I know, Scandinavia has not been deindustrialized.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        Uncertain. The Han Chinese are pretty static, and the Jews are highly innovating but possibly a net negative overall.

        • Jdc says:

          Apparently the Chinese are starting to innovate in a big way. They also have far more access to manufacturing technologies than most start ups in the West particularly in hardware.

          I’m not sure if the Jews are highly innovative. They tend to copy/pervert most of Western technology and mostly manufacture weapons in Israel. Also they have huge amounts of US aid.

    • podrag says:

      Hi Heaviside,

      1) Please excuse me for being a mere mortal.
      2) Can you reference your WW2 outcome stuff please? Or is it magic intuition? Because what you’re saying resonates with my own intuition but I’ve never been able to put the pieces together…

  2. Jdc says:

    Interesting, I’ve read “The Logos of Architecture and it’s Opponents” by E. Michael Jones but I didn’t realise he delved so far into political theory.

    As for the implications of manipulation on the cultural soul of Tradition society, it’s almost too staggering to think about like being embroiled in some type of all pervasive, omnipotent matrix or the society of Brave New World. I’m not sure about your theory about the alternative ending of world war 2 but it would explain a lot of situations such as found on the Visup-View blog. Operation Gladio etc. But to what end is all this? Who is fighting for whom? Qui Bono? It’s all so complicated it makes my mind reel.

    I remember Julius Evola once likened European colonialism to the dissolution of a corpse, where the life and culture were long gone and entropy and decay had scattered parts of the body, no longer functional but retaining some of it’s original form over the globe.

  3. Jdc says:

    Aeoli, you’re a good writer. Why don’t you write an ebook or two on Edenism for instance? You could get Koanic as a co-writer/consultant. Or a compilation of the best of the Neanderhall or something.

    • Jdc says:

      Also you could house sit for people or dog walk. There’s a few ways of making money online especially if you’re willing to travel.

    • Edenist whackjob says:

      Would buy. Especially in print.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Aeoli, you’re a good writer.

      Thank you, I agree.

      >Why don’t you write an ebook or two on Edenism for instance?

      The main reason is I can’t control my focus. The secondary reason is the likely payoff is way too low to consider as a serious side job.

      $/hr = (price point*number of buyers)/(hours spent)

      Figure the number of buyers ranges between ten and one thousand, a price of $10, and a time investment of 1,000 hours. The most optimistic scenario is not very optimistic.

      I might still be able to write a book eventually, but that will be a natural result of raising conscientiousness.

      • Jdc says:

        I think you’re overestimating both the time to write and the quality of the material. You’re not writing a doctorate thesis, you could probably bang out a simple book in a manner of weeks. Up to you though, I was just googling ways to make money from home. A book doesn’t have to be great, it just has to sell and be reasonably informative/entertaining.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          “In the wake of a year that has seen a bitter war of words rage between traditionally published and self-published authors, the survey shows that the old way of doing things continues to reap the most financial rewards for writers, with traditionally published authors making a median annual income of $3,000–$4,999, and independent writers a median of $500–$999. So-called hybrid authors, however – those who publish in both ways – did best, earning $7,500–$9,999 a year.”

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              Yup. Honestly trucking is a way better option but my parents simply won’t allow it, and if they aren’t on board I’d have to walk there and set up a tent outside the training facility. Not impossible, but once you do that you forfeit the protections of polite society and if some psychopathic Mexican cop decides to torture you to death, nobody’s gonna say shit:

              That video left a distinct impression on me. Before picture looks exactly like me, after picture looks like a plate of spaghetti.

            • podrag says:

              It’s better than being Boomered to death tbh

  4. Obadiah says:

    The whole thing is set up such that you can either

    A: Have a nice material existence, perform the right tasks to get the right credentials, jump through the right hoops, live a comfortable, pleasant unthinking existence doing work, executing commands and getting paid a comfy check


    B: Think about and notice things, which leads to thinking about and noticing more things, like what a bunch of bullshit it all this bullshit is.

    There is no middle route; option A is super-heavily incentivized from above over option B with every materialistic and wordly comfort and/or indirect form of pressure imaginable

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