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Putting information diet in the energy stack

Biohackers generally believe that the correct goal of lifestyle design is to maximize energy. A typical preference cascade looks like this: 1. Fix pathological health problems 2. Fix sleep 3. Fix diet 4. Exercise 5. Fix finances … There is … Continue reading

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Retread – The dual requirement of humility and charity for genius

Comment I left at VP apropos of nothing, because I was triggered. Nothing new here, but it’s a good summary and worth repeating. There is no room for false modesty – Not where genius is concerned Vox Day There is … Continue reading

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Sophisticated employment phishing

I got something interesting in the e-mail today. Note that such phishing attempts are not uncommon for overeducated lumpenproles like me (I personally get at least three robocalls per day from various “employment services”, and that doesn’t even include “sales … Continue reading

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Concept porn list

These are dangerous rabbit holes, because a ready source of insight fixes can be as addictive as any dopamine spiral. But like its better known cousin dopamine, we all need a certain amount of acetylcholine in our lives. So it’s … Continue reading

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Concept permanence

This idea is a trivial extension of object permanence. Object permanence is the understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be observed (seen, heard, touched, smelled or sensed in any way). This is a fundamental concept studied … Continue reading

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Excerpt from Pet Sematary

In the interest of understanding horror as an emotional phenomenon, I present this dark and brilliant passage from Stephen King’s excellent novel. I believe it contains basically everything we need, with only a little bit of discernment necessary to extract … Continue reading

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Pet Sematary review (stupidity is the final betrayal)

This is one of the best novels I’ve ever read, which is funny and surprising because I picked it up in the library based on this cover: I mean, you don’t see Dostoevsky novels with covers like that. Minor spoilers … Continue reading

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As expected

Experiencing weird technical problems in the course of trying to do a test webcam video slash screencast. Right now I’m dealing with the microphone being too quiet (and the white noise too loud), and Windows 7* is denying me access … Continue reading

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Pre-planning for possible calculus course

So I heard Vox is expanding his repertoire of advanced education resources and I noted I could potentially do a couple of courses in Calc. Then I realized, hang on, I don’t need no stinking permission. Why, it’s current year … Continue reading

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What is life?

What is life? We are Rose petals rotting with the Corruption of death. (I’m not really a poetry guy, but it’s been almost a week so I had to post something :-P.) Edit: Ya know, that thing there’s pretty darn … Continue reading

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