As expected

Experiencing weird technical problems in the course of trying to do a test webcam video slash screencast. Right now I’m dealing with the microphone being too quiet (and the white noise too loud), and Windows 7* is denying me access to update the driver. Tight security around here, very impressive work Microsoft. Imagine if users could update audio drivers…I mean, we’re talking riots in the streets, dogs and cats living together.

Now usually, when I say “I’m going to do X” that’s the death of the idea forever and always. Can’t tell you how many “Part 1” posts you’ll find in the archives for which the Part 2s and 3s are conspicuously absent. Maybe that’s a learned helplessness thing, dunno. So…the fact that I’m still thinking about this is a good sign.

*Mathematica simply won’t run on Linux, and the idea of using LaTeX is…unpleasant. Maybe I could relearn the OpenOffice formula editor, I remember that working pretty well back in 2009.

…Okay, we have audio. Could be up and running as soon as tomorrow night, we shall see.

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Maybe do this later?
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3 Responses to As expected

  1. jg1 says:

    How about using MATHTYPE ? Is it compatible with LINUX?

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