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Intelligence heuristic for racial anthropology

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been wrestling with some normalfag shit and some weird-as-fuck shit that I haven’t figured out how to explain yet. This post combines a comment I left at CH and another from the altrugenics forum. Given … Continue reading

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Why I’m predicting ~200 million dead

A continuation of near-future political predictions. In brief, I think Trump will promote a wave of economic optimism that will cover up the continued precipitous loss of capital (human, institutional, and infrastructural), then the dollar will collapse at around 2022-2025. … Continue reading

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Updated plurals

Plurals! Inspired by Penny Arcade: E.g. A “pride” of lions, a “murder” of crows, etc. Generations A horde of GenZers. A coven of Millenials. A suicide of GenXers. A debt of Baby Boomers. A queue of Greats. Macro … Continue reading

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The simplified cult theory of edenism (with apologias)

Continuing a discussion in the comments. We needed a name for this idea anyway, so here it is. Simplified cult edenism: Smart person who agrees = thal Smart person who disagrees = melon Dumb person who disagrees = cro magnon … Continue reading

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A theory about the Holocaust

European Jews have adopted feminine mental patterns because, like women, they have adapted to societal support roles to the near-exclusion of productive roles. This gives rise to their unusually strong verbal tilt (verbal IQ being the key to social navigation), … Continue reading

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Disambiguating norms for behavior

Conscientiousness is defined in Aeolitalk as the tendency to conform to a standard or “norm” of behavior. It is not necessarily a conscious decision, and the standard of behavior could be explicit (e.g. a military code of conduct) or implicit … Continue reading

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Value stratification

This is Glenn’s idea, I’m just explaining it. Value stratification is related to time preference in economics, R/k selection in evopsych, and conscientiousness in psychology, but it’s not precisely the same as any of these things. I’ll explain it, then … Continue reading

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