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Intelligence heuristic for racial anthropology

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been wrestling with some normalfag shit and some weird-as-fuck shit that I haven’t figured out how to explain yet. This post combines a comment I left at CH and another from the altrugenics forum. Given … Continue reading

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Why I’m predicting ~200 million dead

A continuation of near-future political predictions. In brief, I think Trump will promote a wave of economic optimism that will cover up the continued precipitous loss of capital (human, institutional, and infrastructural), then the dollar will collapse at around 2022-2025. … Continue reading

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Updated plurals

Plurals! Inspired by Penny Arcade: E.g. A “pride” of lions, a “murder” of crows, etc. Generations A horde of GenZers. A coven of Millenials. A suicide of GenXers. A debt of Baby Boomers. A queue of Greats. Macro … Continue reading

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The simplified cult theory of edenism (with apologias)

Continuing a discussion in the comments. We needed a name for this idea anyway, so here it is. Simplified cult edenism: Smart person who agrees = thal Smart person who disagrees = melon Dumb person who disagrees = cro magnon … Continue reading

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A theory about the Holocaust

European Jews have adopted feminine mental patterns because, like women, they have adapted to societal support roles to the near-exclusion of productive roles. This gives rise to their unusually strong verbal tilt (verbal IQ being the key to social navigation), … Continue reading

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Disambiguating norms for behavior

Conscientiousness is defined in Aeolitalk as the tendency to conform to a standard or “norm” of behavior. It is not necessarily a conscious decision, and the standard of behavior could be explicit (e.g. a military code of conduct) or implicit … Continue reading

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Value stratification

This is Glenn’s idea, I’m just explaining it. Value stratification is related to time preference in economics, R/k selection in evopsych, and conscientiousness in psychology, but it’s not precisely the same as any of these things. I’ll explain it, then … Continue reading

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A mnemonic for bullshit detection: PPEECS

In his awesome book How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life, Scott Adams gives some advice about bullshit detection. I’d like to explain briefly why it works and offer a…different … Continue reading

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Why do dreams get most interesting as wakefulness approaches?

Open question. It seems that this is the period of the dream during which we experience the most effortless association and the greatest feats of aesthetic representation of abstract ideas (if they occur). Last night’s dream can serve as an … Continue reading

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Overwatch theory continued, the technocrats

Last time I left off at the psychopaths who manage the neurotics, who in turn manage the Narrative. But psychopaths can’t self-regulate, so they need handlers in turn. Enter the technocrats. These technocrats are characterized by three personality traits: intelligence, … Continue reading

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