Off to a great start

This prediction only lasted one day.

Donald Trump will fail to get 1237 delegates, but he will win the Republican nomination regardless. The hysterical voices declaring that they will burn the GOP before letting Trump win will be over-ruled and cooler heads will prevail. (Admittedly, I stole this prediction from Mike Enoch.)

Near-future political predictions

That was two days ago. Yesterday Trump was declared the presumptive nominee. I blame Mike Enoch for this hilarious failure, and I hope he gets a 23andMe analysis and learns he’s 100% Ashkenazi. That’ll show ‘im.

You’d think this would deter me from making more predictions. But no. This is the nice thing about having zero real influence, you can admit that you were wrong about stuff and the only thing it hurts is your pride.

I still expect catastrophic collapse though. All you have to do is look at the list of political actors to catch the badfeelz. (Pay attention, this is what abstract intuition feels like and you can get better at it with practice.)

The God Emperor hisself
White melonheads
SWPLs and SJWs (cosmopolitans, academics, and technologists)
Flyover hwhytes
Sociopathic economic Republicans (large and small business owners)
Mexican separatists
Scary white people

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3 Responses to Off to a great start

  1. Heaviside says:

    “When did we beat Japan, at anything?”


  2. Robert Mando says:

    why on earth would you have ever assumed that Trump would NOT get 1237? i mean, sure, it was always POSSIBLE that he wouldn’t get there … but to predict it? when he’s been the frontrunner the whole damn race?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Having a running plurality isn’t the same as being likely to get a majority. That said, I’m properly ashamed for having grabbed a bad prediction. It bodes ill for my psychologizing.

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